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The most brutal serial maniac in the world

The personality of a person capable of causing harm to his own kind has always been of interest to the general public. The most hardened criminals evoked not only fear, but also a desire to understand what their pathological craving for rigidity is related to. Perhaps, that's why the topic of what a serial maniac is is popular today, just like many years ago. Who are they, people or nonhumans, who are afraid of whole cities?

Bloody List

The murders that the serial maniacs of the world commit are sophisticated and cruel, many criminals have their own unique handwriting that distinguishes them from others. So:

• John George Haig not only killed people, but also tried to hide the traces of his atrocities with acid. In the middle of the 20th century he was convicted and executed.

• Dennis Reidel. A criminal characterized by increased rigidity. On his bloody account 10 people, whom he had not easily killed, but actually tortured alive, using severe torture. Maniac willingly shared with the public the details of his atrocities, thanks to which he was caught.

• Jeffrey Dahmer. Killer, necrophil and cannibal. He killed 18 teenagers and men, met his death in a cell in 1994, was killed by local prisoners.

• George Kroll. He ate his victims solely for the sake of economy, on his own statement, he tried to win money without buying food. German justice has imprisoned him for life, the torturer died also in the cell.

• Richard Chase is a vampire killer, he did not eat the flesh of his victims, but did not refuse to enjoy their own blood. He committed suicide while in custody.

• Killer clown Uyen Geishi raped and killed his victims in the 70s of the 20th century. His victims were young people, 33 people, whom he lured into secluded places under the pretext of demonstrating circus tricks, and then choked.

Women's cruelty

Serial maniac - not necessarily a man, they may well be a representative of the weak half of humanity. In their crimes, women show no less, and sometimes more rigidity. The list of the most terrible murderers in this category includes:

• Bell Sorenson Gunness. In the criminal world is more known under the name of the Black Widow. On her bloody account more than 40 people, most of whom were with her in a close relationship (relatives or friends, including a legal husband and children). The cause of pathological cruelty is a woman as old as the world, she did not work and depended on the funds paid by insurance companies for the death of loved ones). The fate of the criminal is unknown.

• Jane Toppan - another serial maniac is a woman. She committed more than 40 murders, 11 of them were proven, while others confessed herself during the investigation. She worked as a nurse and received sexual pleasure from the death of her patients. She served her sentence in a psychiatric hospital, where she died.

• Elizabeth Bathory. The blood countess from Hungary is suspected of killing 65 people, the exact number of her victims is not determined. According to rumors, she not only killed people, but also took baths with their blood, in the hope of retaining beauty and youth. The countess died in a family castle, imprisoned by relatives. By a similar method, close brutal aristocrats tried to avoid trial and wide resonance in society.

The Monster from Russia

The list, which included the serial maniacs of Russia, of course, is headed by Andrei Chikatilo. The criminal was shot in 1994, however, he managed to kill about 52 people in more than 12 years. In society, he received several nicknames, among them the Red Ripper and the Rostov Butcher. Unfortunately, the searches for the murderer lasted a very long time, and innocent people were condemned for its atrocities (10 people in total). His death Chikatilo met in February 1994, when he was shot.

Star movie

Maniacs and serial killers often appear in films and books. Jack the Ripper became one of the most odious personalities. On his account, from 5 to 10 victims living in a suburb of London in 1888. The maniac's calling card was the way he used to kill innocent women, first he cut his throat and then gutted the body. At first, his actions were chaotic, but from the victim to the victim acquired a certain order, the Ripper gained experience and approached the professionalism of the pathologist. By the way, an interesting fact, a maniac cut his throat to his victims objects, remotely resembling a scalpel.

According to some assumptions, the Ripper was not only a killer, but also a cannibal. Thus, in letters sent to the vigilance committee in 1888, allegedly on his behalf, information appeared that he was enjoying the internal organs of his victims. As proof, half of the kidney was added to the parcel.

Cannibals or lovers of human flesh

Maniacs and serial killers often not only kill their victims, but also trade cannibalism, that is, eating human flesh. Such pathologies do not depend on nationality, education or way of life. In this terrible crime, a Japanese Issei Sagawa, who was educated in the Sorbonne, was seen. He regaled himself with the raw flesh of his murdered friend, and then wrote a book about it. The conclusion the maniac left in a psychiatric hospital.

But the resident of Alma-Ata named Nikita Dzhurmongaliev is a real serial maniac. In his lifetime, he killed about 50 girls, whose flesh not only regaled himself, he used it to prepare various culinary delights, which later fell asleep and his friends who are unaware of the true nature of the dishes.

Brutal leadership

Who of the listed murderers can claim the title of the most serial maniac? It is likely he could get a resident of India Tug Behram. This fanatic not so famous to the wide European public, who lived in the 18th and 19th centuries, could kill about 1000 people, the number of victims of his Mondays is many times greater. Local justice did not stop the criminal, granting him freedom in exchange for useful information about other members of the dangerous cult. Tug Behram took a terrible death from his own brother, who hung a maniac.

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