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Let's make a list of comedies of the USSR

Modern cinema is simply full of vulgar American comedies, and Russian directors do not particularly please us with good films. In this connection, older people often have nostalgia for Soviet paintings. This article will list the comedies of the USSR, which, in our opinion, are the best. We will not give their full description, but just tell the beginning of the plot. Suddenly there were those who have not yet looked at them. So, let's remember these wonderful films.

The Diamond Arm

Opens the list of comedies of the USSR, this excellent picture of Leonid Gaidai, which he shot in 1968. The protagonist Semyon Gorbunkov, who works as a modest employee in Gipryryb, goes on a tourist trip abroad on a cruise liner. Walking through the streets of the eastern city ends for him with a fall and a dislocated arm. Nearby smugglers, hearing from the slipped Gorbunkov, the password phrase "Damn it!", Counted him for a liaison. After one of them corrected the dislocation, Simon fainted.

Gentlemen of Fortune

It was impossible not to include in the list of comedies of the USSR this brilliant picture, shot by Alexander Gray in 1971. It begins with the fact that three crooks are kidnapped from the excavation site of archaeologists by a gold helmet belonging to Alexander the Great. The professor Maltsev, who claimed to the police, accidentally meets on the bus a person very similar to the Associate Professor - the leader of the criminals. They are a wonderful person and talented teacher of the kindergarten Eugene Troshkin.

The Caucasian captive

It's not for nothing that this cult film entered our list of comedies of the USSR, because in the 60-70s his main character Nina was the ideal of beauty for almost all Soviet men. The naive and kind folklorist Shurik goes to the Caucasus to study ancient rituals, customs, fairy tales, legends, toasts. As a vehicle, he uses a donkey, who suddenly began to resist and stood up in his tracks. At the same time, a hospital truck of a driver named Edik died down nearby. A girl passes by Nina. Suddenly, the donkey starts to follow her, and the car starts and starts moving.

Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath!

This film could be included in the rating "New Year Comedy of the USSR", the list of which we will compose in a separate article. At the beginning of the picture there is a cartoon screensaver about the creation of similar architectural projects and the widespread distribution of absolutely identical houses and microdistricts in different cities of the country. After the credits, Pavlik begins to reflect on this with irony, going by bus to his friend Zhenya with the intention of inviting him to take a steam bath.

Love affair at work

And closes the list of films of the USSR, the comedy in which they really could shoot, this famous picture of Eldar Ryazanov. The action takes place in the 70's in Moscow. The main characters are two. He is Anatoly Novoseltsev, a shy and insecure in himself an extras who alone brings up two sons. She is Lyudmila Kalugina, the director of the institution with a car and an apartment. She seems to have everything, but in her personal life she is unhappy. Therefore, almost all the time spent at work.

Enjoy watching!

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