Hairdressing salons in Kostroma. Overview

As many image specialists say, order in the hair is an order in the mind. Even if there is not enough time for anything, at least once a month it's very important to adjust your hair. Therefore, it is useful for both women and men to know where there are good hairdressers in Kostroma. We will tell you about several beauty salons belonging to different price categories. Each of them has its own merits.


The word "hairdresser" today is already almost obsolete. Now we are increasingly talking about "beauty salons." In them it is possible to receive simultaneously services of stylists, masters of manicure, cosmeticians, masseurs. Such a change of preferences is not at all surprising: taking care of appearance, we simultaneously want to relax and recharge ourselves in a good mood.

Many residents of the city know the name "Chantal". This is a very popular hair salon. Kostroma is famous for young women, loving and able to care for themselves. Why is Chantal a very attractive place for clients? The fact that, in addition to traditional services, this institution offers interesting methods of weight reduction. The expression "caring for yourself" in the salon "Chantal" acquires the meaning of "caring for the whole body, taking care of health." There is a zone of cardiovascular equipment, which you can practice at any convenient time. A professional fitness instructor will recommend the optimal level of workload. There are shower rooms for clients. The salon is equipped with apparatus for correcting the figure. In "Chantal" you can use the services of massage therapists, bask in the infrared cabin, refresh the skin color in the turbosolarium.

So, visiting the salon, any lady can safely tell friends that she spent the weekend on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Nobody will guess that the fairytale resort is located at: Ave. Tekstilshchikov, 9/18.

As for the hairdressing services themselves, they are presented in the showroom "Chantal" in a wide range. In addition to haircuts, a variety of curative and restorative procedures are offered: masks, lamination, screening, keratizing.

At residents of Kostroma "Chantal" is associated with the holidays. Many clients come here for evening and wedding hairstyles. Services of the cabin do not hit hard on the pocket. Cost of a hairstyle on average hair makes from 600 rbl. for women.

Cozy and exquisite

What else is guaranteed a good hairdresser in Kostroma? The Butterfly salon looks very tempting from the street. And not in vain. The very atmosphere of the hairdressing salon has to relax and relax. Here special attention is paid to the quality of service. Cost of haircut is more expensive than in "Chantal": from 1100 rubles. - for women, from 650 rubles. - for men. But "Butterfly" offers very rare and effective hair care procedures. Here, customers can try, for example, hair restoration technology for 1 time N-GRAVITY plus. We can not ignore the diverse menu of spa programs for healthy scalp and the "Hollywood" straightening of strands. In other words, in the "Butterfly" salon you can give a second life to even quite dull and "worn out" hair.

The interior of the interior is something like a cafe. In "Butterfly" and want to sit with a cup of tea. In this whim, clients are not denied. The stylish interior of the salon emphasizes its elitism. Here you will spend more on hair than in many other hairdressing salons, but you will get real pleasure. In "Butterfly", any lady can feel like a beautiful princess or fairy. The very situation has to be flirty, playful, tender. Strict businesswomen rest here with their soul. Address of the salon: st. The Soviet, 117.


What other salons can Mr. Kostroma boast of? Hairdressers are very creative here. So you can say, for example, about the salon "Aphrodite". Many young women go here with their girlfriends, sisters, mothers and are not disappointed. Reviews about this hairdresser are only positive. Here you can not just cut your hair, but also include your imagination 100%. Masters of the salon are able to realize any whim, associated with hair. "Aphrodite" offers services for creative coloring, highlighting, hair extensions and eyelashes. In the hairdresser salon there are masters who can do hairstyles of high complexity, including elements with complex weaving.

Here you can make permanent make-up and massage with a vacuum device. Aphrodite herself, perhaps, would have been delighted to see what institution was named in her honor. The departments of the salon work at two addresses: Mira Avenue, 71; Workers' Ave, 34.


There are very affordable prices for hairdressers in Kostroma. In their list, the professional studio occupies a prominent place. The cost of women's haircuts - from 600 rubles., Men's or children's - from 300 rubles. "Menu" is short: haircuts, hairstyles, hair removal. Address of the salon: Mira Avenue, 18.

Known in Kostroma is also the salon "Mulatka". Haircuts here are very inexpensive - from 300 rubles. Low cost to many clients seems suspicious. However, the name of the salon well "explains" why it is necessary to visit it, of course, for the sake of sunburn. In the "Mulatto" is an excellent solarium. Any hairstyle looks chic in combination with an even skin of a chocolate shade.

Of the budget options, you can also mention the beauty salon "Spring" at Novopolyanskaya, 5. Cost of haircut - from 300 to 700 rubles. The set of services is the simplest: hairstyles and manicure, - all the most necessary and demanded, but without any frills.

Now you know what good hairdressing salons are in Kostroma. Having become acquainted with the names and addresses, it is much easier to choose a salon that matches the mood, taste and wallet.

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