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Very tasty potatoes, fried in a multivark

Potatoes are one of the amazing vegetables not only for their taste qualities, but also for their history. The first time to grow potatoes were Indian tribes in South America. Later he appeared on the tables of Europeans. In Russia, Peter the First began to accustom his citizens in potatoes from the seventeenth century. Only here Russian people for a long time could not understand how to use this vegetable in nutrition, and long enjoyed only potato flowers. Only since the nineteenth century, potatoes were rasprobovali and began to call "second bread".

Today's table is very difficult to imagine without potato dishes. Here, for example - potatoes fried in a multivark - will not leave indifferent any gourmet. This kitchen appliance has become very popular for most housewives. Cook with it quickly, easily, delicious. The food is very useful. With the help of multivarkers in a few minutes you can cook a whole lunch at once. For example: from below, in a saucepan, cook vegetables for puree or vegetable soup. And on top, on the grill - we prepare meat dishes. It can be steam cutlets, chicken, fish or simply - steamed vegetables to mashed potatoes.

From potatoes it is possible to prepare the most various dishes: soups, side dishes, pies, mashed potatoes. Especially good is the fried potatoes in the multi-barrel "Redmond". This model multivarka - one of many, with which you can not only cook food, but also to warm, sterilize the dishes. It is very convenient for moms with young children. Here you can cook and kashki, and mashed vegetable soups, and side dishes.

Mummy once stood for a long time at the stove, and with the help of a multivarker it is easy to cook dinner for the whole family. You just need to cook the vegetables, salt, pour water and choose the right program. Then turn on the timer - and the lunch itself will be prepared. And you can safely deal with children and household chores. Just cooked and potatoes, fried in a multivark. We clean potatoes, cut into strips, then pour the vegetable oil into a saucepan, put the function "frying" and choose the cooking time. In fifteen minutes on the table will be a fragrant, crispy, appetizing fried potatoes.

Not bad, and fried potatoes in the multivariate "Polaris". This model has a low cost, while it has all the same functions as in others. In the multivariate "Polaris" you can also fry, cook, cook for a couple, bake, preheat. And the expiration date of this model does not differ from the more expensive ones.

Potatoes fried in a multivark - this is a good dish for every day, and for a festive table. It can be served with vegetable salads, meat delicacies, salted and fried fish, with baked chicken and simply decorated with greens.

In the street - a wonderful day off. Perfect weather for going to nature. Potatoes, fried in a multivariate, will suit you as a camp meal. It can also be used cold. Going to the nature with friends, relatives, relatives, taking brazier and meat for kebabs, do not forget about fried potatoes.

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