An unpretentious plant is a colosse. Cultivation from seeds

Coleus - bright, spectacular, but very unpretentious plant. It is successfully grown in the room and in the garden. In the open ground, the koleus is often used for gardening balconies and loggias, to create curbs and picturesque flower beds. It feels great in containers, pots, pots and pots. A coleus of seeds is a perennial plant, but after a year or a year and a half its stems are stretched out and bare, especially when there is a lack of light, and the bush loses decorativeness. Therefore, the koleus is often grown as an annual. New healthy plants are obtained from cuttings, not just from seeds.

Growing in seedlings

For sowing, take low boxes. Fill them with a light nutrient substrate, which is prepared from sod and leaf land. To improve the physical properties, sand and peat are added to the mixture. In early March, small seeds are neatly laid out on the surface of the soil, pressed and lightly sprinkled with sand. Water the crops very carefully. In case of waterlogging, fungal diseases may appear, which will ruin your newly sown koleus. Cultivation from seeds should be done fairly neatly. After that, the boxes are covered with glass. The room air temperature is maintained within 20-25 ° C. After a couple of weeks or two, friendly shoots appear. After that, the boxes are transferred to a cooler, well-lit room. It is necessary to do this, because when there is a lack of light, plants grow strongly and get sick. As mentioned earlier, a whimsical flower is a koleus, growing of seeds can bring a lot of trouble, but it's worth it.


Coleus easily tolerates it. Dive seedlings after there are real leaves with a well-marked pattern. Each plant is planted in a separate pot. When the koleus, grown from the seeds of which was produced, will grow strong enough, begin its formation. For this, the tips of the shoots are plucked at a height of 10 cm. Such an operation causes the growth of lateral branches. They also pinch. Thus, by the beginning of summer compact shrubs with bright leaves form. In order for seedlings to be strong and healthy, you need to provide it with good lighting. The light should be bright, but diffused. With the onset of warm weather, plants are hardened. To do this, they are taken out on a balcony or terrace, gradually accustomed to fresh air and sunlight.

Coleus. Cultivation from seeds on the site

But in the summer, under the hot midday sun, its leaves become faded. Sometimes plants burn heavily. Therefore, in the garden, the cola is placed in the penumbra, planting according to the scheme of 20 × 30 cm. And when growing in a room, pots with plants are kept on the eastern or western windows. Coleus is demanding of soil moisture. Especially in the summer, watering should be regular. With a lack of moisture, the leaves droop and fall off. Feed the plants up to three times a month. Until mid-June, nitrogen is used, and then - complex fertilizers with microelements. This unpretentious plant with colorful leaves, even with minimal care will decorate the garden from early summer to frost.

That's how you can breed at home or at the dacha koleus. Cultivation of it initially though also problematic, but a worthwhile affair. Check it out for yourself!

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