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Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman. Gossip column

In the summer of 2016 celebrate the tenth anniversary of the married life of celebrity Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman. Over the years, the stars have managed to create a strong happy family. However, the path to this for both spouses was long and difficult.

Biography Nicole Kidman

Born future world-famous actress on one of the Hawaiian Islands. Her biochemist father worked here on a joint Australian-American project. Later the Kidman family spent several more years in Washington, and then returned home to Australia.

Young Nicole was not even five yet, as she began to practice ballet. However, by the age of ten, the girl was interested in theatrical art.

Beautiful appearance and sharpened plastic young Kidman helped her at the age of fifteen to get a small role in the Bop Girl video. Thanks to this girl noticed. And over the next four years, Nicole Kidman (films and TV series with her participation quite often began to appear on Australian television) on her continent became quite famous. However, she was really glorified in Australia by two TV series: "Vietnam" and "Bangkok Hilton".

In 1990, after filming in the Australian motion picture "Dead calm" Nicole Kidman is invited to the United States. Here she gets the main role in the film about the racers "Days of Thunder". During the filming, Kidman began an affair with Tom Cruise, an actor who played the main role. Quite soon the "production novel" grew into a serious relationship, and in 1990 the lovers legalized their union.

Marriage with Tom Cruise

Nicole and Tom lived together for almost ten years. During this time, they starred together in two more films ("Far-far" and "With wide-closed eyes"). Also, the couple adopted two children: the girl Isabella and the boy Connor. But God did not give them their common children, unfortunately.

During the years of marriage, Nicole Kidman was not particularly developed in the US. Films with her participation went out often, and many of them were very good, but undervalued public ("Why die", "Batman forever", "Portrait of a Lady" and others).

For a long time, the spouses were considered one of the most beautiful and prosperous star couples. But in 2001, unexpectedly, Tom Cruise filed for divorce.

The heyday of a career in Hollywood

As it often happens, somewhere you find, somewhere you lose. For the actress Kidman after the divorce, a golden period in his career began. The films with her participation became popular. In addition, many eminent directors wanted to work with her.

In 2001, a colorful musical film "Moulin Rouge!", Where Nicole was able to show not only her acting but also vocal abilities, was released. For this role, she was first nominated for an Oscar. Unfortunately, she did not receive this award, but she became the owner of the Golden Globe.

Then came the participation in projects that glorified the actress for the whole world. This was a mystical thriller "The Other", the movie "The Clock" (brought by Nicole Kidman the cherished "Oscar"), the film performance "Dogville", the historical motion pictures "Cold Mountain", "Australia", "Queen of the Desert", "Princess of Monaco", "Fur" ", Psychological thrillers" What hides lies, "" Vicious games, "" Before I fall asleep, "and many more.

Personal life of an actress after a divorce

While Kidman became one of the highest paid actresses in the world, in her personal life everything was far from so successful. After the divorce, both adopted children wished to stay with the pope, who already had a relationship with the actress Penelope Cruz. And a little later with actress Katie Holmes, on which Tom Cruise later married. Soon the new wife gave birth to his daughter Suri, and in the press Nicole Kidman was declared infertile, since during the years of marriage with Cruz she never gave birth to a child.

Becoming successful, Kidman turned into a target for the gossip of the yellow press. So, she was credited with novels with almost every partner on the set. In addition, it cost her a couple of times to appear in public, accompanied by men - they were immediately declared a couple. Because of numerous slander, the actress filed slanderers in court and won. However, this was not at all pleased with Nicole Kidman, because, in spite of the gossip, she remained as lonely.

But one day the actress was invited to a party dedicated to famous Australians in the United States. Entering the hall, she saw a nice unfamiliar man and fell in love with him at first sight. He was a famous musician and composer Keith Urban.

Biography of Keith Urban

Keith Lionel Urban was also from Australia.

From childhood he was fond of music. And when he grew up, he mastered several musical instruments. At twenty-four, he released the album Keith Urban, which glorified him throughout Australia. After this success, the guy decided to go to the US and try to conquer the musical peaks there.

Participation of China in the band The Ranch

The first years had a hard time, and Keith worked as a guitar player in different bands, and also accompanied the singer Slim Dusty.

A couple of years later, he and two friends-musicians gather a group The Ranch , Where he becomes a vocalist, and also performs parts on guitar, banjo and piano. In 1997, the group's first self-titled album was released. There were twelve songs in it.

A little later - in 1998, Keith dissolves the group to start a solo career.

Solo career of China

After the beginning of the performances alone, success gradually began to come to Keith, but along with it his attributes: admirers and bad habits. For Kita, addiction became a habit. Fortunately, the musician soon realized his problem and went to the hospital himself. And after leaving there he published his solo album Keith Urban. This is the second album of the singer with this name, however the first one was published in Australia, and the second one in the USA.

The first four songs from the new album instantly brought Keith notoriety not only in the US, but also beyond. It was It's a Love Thing, But for the Grace of God, Your Everything and Where the Blacktop Ends. Thanks to the new album, Keith was awarded the Academy of Country Music in 2001.

In the following years, he released six more solo albums, as well as several singles.

Thanks to his musical merits in 2005, he was invited to a private party for famous Australian people in Los Angeles. Here he met his future wife.

Keith and Nicole: the beginning of the relationship

Despite the fact that Keith was a well-known musician and wealthy man, for him, Nicole was a bird of too high a flight. However, the actress still left her phone number to a beautiful compatriot. After some time, being in New York, Kit called and invited Kidman for a date.

A couple of Australian celebrities - Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman - decided during the first meeting just to take a walk in the park. Fortunately, the fans did not recognize them, and they had fun talking about a variety of things. Soon they wanted to meet again, and then again and again. After a while, lovers began to openly appear together at various events. And a couple of months later on the fine finger Nicole had a ring, and the couple announced an engagement.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman: wedding and children

The wedding of two Australian stars did not take long. In June 2006, in a modest gothic church in Sydney, lovers in a circle of 250 guests were married. On the beautiful bride was an elegant dress in Empire style, and on the happy groom - a traditional black suit with a white rose in the buttonhole. Relatives and friends gathered at the wedding, congratulated the young, wished them happiness and children.

And the wishes came true, in 2008, when the actress was already forty-one years old, she gave birth to the girl Sanday Rose, refuting all the years of rumors about her infertility. Happy parents Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman could not get enough of their daughter and began to think about the second baby. But they decided not to risk the health of the actress, and also not to break contracts and use the services of a surrogate mother. Thus, in 2010 the second daughter of Faith Margaret was born to the couple.

Recently, the press is often rumored that they decided to become the parents of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman for the third time. The children of the spouses Sanday and Faith would gladly accept a new brother or sister, but so far all the rumors have turned out to be false. Although everything can be in the future. Meanwhile, the couple, despite the employment of both, spend every free moment with each other and their charming little ones.

Star couple Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have been together for ten years. For celebrities, famous for their inconstancy, this is a pretty long time. I would like to hope that despite the Hollywood habit of getting divorced, the spouses will be able to keep their family happy for the fans.

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