A program for recognizing text from a scanner: what are there and what to choose?

A professional office worker often needs to scan the text and edit it. Therefore, it is important to understand which is the best program for recognizing text from the scanner. It is desirable to navigate not only among paid, but also free solutions.

ABBY FineReader

This is a program focused on professionals. The range of its capabilities includes recognition of printed documents, photographs, PDF-files with high accuracy and maintaining the original layout. This means that the application saves the location of pictures, tables, page numbers, exporting all the recognized material to different Microsoft Office formats, allowing the user to further edit them.

The application is paid, but the price justifies the possibilities. So, this software can recognize 179 languages. It is relatively inexpensive, but if you need a one-time document scan, you can install a free demo version that will allow you to recognize 50 documents within 15 days. Further it is necessary to register it. If the price does not suit the user, he can take advantage of free programs.


The advantage of this application on the background of the previous one is the price (or rather, its absence), but the application has a number of interesting features that can make it the best free solution. This program for recognizing text from the scanner is positioned by the authors (and it is developed by the domestic manufacturer) as an intelligent system for optical recognition of documents.

Its advantage is the preservation of the fonts of the original, so you can simply scan it, edit it and print it practically unchanged. This program has the ability and batch scanning of documents. And what about the quality of recognition? With this parameter, everything is in order. Thanks to the specific algorithm of this application, based on the analysis of certain parts of the scanned text and their comparison with the internal dictionary, in any case, the user remains in the win.

Sometimes it happens that there is no necessary word in the dictionary. In this case, you can simply replenish it. And given that this program for recognizing text from the scanner understands texts in 20 languages, it becomes an indispensable assistant when editing printed documents on the computer for representatives of different professions.

WinScan 2 PDF

This program for recognizing text from the scanner is an incredibly simple solution for people who are tired of digging into a huge number of settings that can only confuse the layman. Interaction with this utility (its size is only a few tens of kilobytes) is only one click of the scan button. And thus there is an opportunity of transformation of a huge quantity of printed documents in the text only with one pressing of a finger. The advantage of this program is that you do not need to install this application.

A program for recognizing handwriting from the scanner: is it possible?

Unfortunately, at the moment there are no developments guaranteeing at least normal accuracy when recognizing printed documents with handwritten text. If more applications for input using hands on smartphones exist more or less working, then to determine the content of already written manuscripts is a difficult task, even for people at times.

It would seem, why it is impossible to use the development of applications for handwriting in the software for recognizing hand-written text? After all, simple pictures are used in the same place. But no. Handwriting applications analyze finger or stylus movements on the screen of a mobile phone. But they can not recognize the letter they have already written.

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