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The lead and driven person is the right balance

Since childhood, our teachers (let's call it all those who have any influence on our development: parents, educators, teachers, senior comrades, etc.) bring up in us a certain character, personality qualities, instill some interests, shape a worldview . The impact that will be exerted on us during the growing up period is of great importance for our future life. In most cases, of course, we are trying to make successful people who are able to make their own decisions, take responsibility for their actions, achieve excellent results.

But for some reason, growing up and becoming adults, some people become leaders, ambitious, purposeful, self-confident, able to lead the others. While others, on the contrary, become (or remain) timid, sometimes infantile, looking for someone who leads them, will show the way, tell what to do.

All of us have heard more than once and twice that each of the people can be attributed to one of two categories: he is either a leading or a guided person. This is just one of the fundamental factors in whether he will achieve success in life, what way of life he will lead and what will be the results of all his actions.

In this article, we'll talk about what the lead means, and what a slave means. And also consider the characteristic features inherent in each of them.

Lead man. Leader. This category of people includes those who are not afraid to take responsibility for themselves, their actions, their lives, as well as those of close people. These people are able to make their own decisions, overcome difficulties, they can always openly express their opinion (and they have it!) And indicate their position. Often these people are self-sufficient and self -confident. They have good organizational skills and can lead. Do not complain about other people, life or evil fate. They look at life more positively and try to find positive moments in all situations. Very often they are optimists with a constructive view of life and events.

The guided person. it The direct opposite of the presenter. Such people do not always have their opinion. And if they do, they prefer to keep quiet. There are often cases when they shift responsibility to others - if only they are not affected. Complain about fate, circumstances and despair, because life has treated them unfairly. Focus on the weaknesses and position of the victim. In all their failures and troubles, they blame anyone, but not themselves. As a rule, they are pessimistic and depressive. Decisions are reluctant and relieved when decisions are made for them and when they are told what they should do.

Naturally, the style and quality of life of these people is different.

Life leading is very diverse - full of movement, energy, events, emotions. With them, it's nice and fun to spend time, because such a person is the soul of the company, always knows how to dilute the gray and boring monotony. They are masters of their lives.

At the same time, the lead person is one who lives normally and mediocrely. In their history, there are no outstanding achievements and results. The life of such people sometimes even does not bring pleasure themselves. Not to mention those around you who, while in company with the people you lead, may experience boredom, a depressed state, a bad mood.

This division of people is not good or bad. It just is. And it is natural. After all, all people can not be leaders by nature. Just like everyone can not be a slave. Otherwise, our whole life would turn into chaos.

There will always be those who create businesses, businesses, organizations. And there will always be those who work there. Some enjoy all the benefits and live to their fullest. Others serve them. If there is a person who does not know what to do, where to go, in which direction to develop, there will always be someone who will show the way and lead the way. That is life. This rule, which brings harmony and balance to society.

In conclusion, one can say that by and large everyone - the leading or the lead person - is a person who has his positive qualities and disadvantages, pluses and minuses. And if the leaders have a little more chances to achieve something, create the lifestyle they want, then the slave needs to work harder and develop themselves more simply. After all, history is not stingy in cases when seemingly unremarkable and mediocre people became first-class leaders and outstanding personalities.

Man himself is able to make himself what he wants.

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