Did your hair begin to change with age? What to expect

When we talk about aging, we usually think about the condition of the skin. These are pigmented spots and wrinkles that appear over the years, protective products and ingredients that can stop the aging process.

In this case, about the hair, which also undergo changes, very few people think. Nevertheless, their aging also manifests itself in different ways. Let's deal with this process in detail.

Your hair turns gray

It is worth starting with the most obvious and well-known change - with age hair turns gray. There are several reasons why this happens. The most common cause is genetics. People who are gray prematurely can safely assume that the cause is in the parents. All this is determined by genetics. In addition, premature graying can be associated with stress, malnutrition, extreme lifestyles, lack of sleep or serious illnesses. Hair grows gray because at a certain age, melanin is no longer produced. Gray strands are devoid of color and certain proteins. In fact, gray is not a color, it is the absence of color. You can dye your hair in any color, nevertheless, it is worth considering that the gray hair changes color in its own way. It is important to use special shampoo, conditioner and other products to make your hair healthy and well-groomed. Choose products with omega-3 fatty acids, suitable for caring for colored hair. They will allow you to minimize the manifestation of age on the hair.

Strands become rare

Another common change with age is thinning hair. There are several reasons for this situation. First, the density of hair decreases, and secondly, they just become thinner. Studies have shown that at the age of forty, a woman's hair begins to thin out. Because of this, it seems that the hair is thinning, although they can hardly fall out. However, loss is also a problem. When you grow old, you lose not a hundred hairs a day, but more - sometimes it becomes very noticeable. Hair follicles are no longer able to replace lost hair quickly. Hair loss and the inability to grow them again leads to a widening of the selection or increase of the hair growth line.

Hair lose volume

This is directly related to thinning hair. It is understood that a decrease in hair density leads to a loss of volume and expressiveness. As a result, many women try to pay more attention to laying. This is not a very good solution, on the contrary, it can even be considered a mistake. Styling disrupts the structure of the hair and makes it dull and more prone to brittleness. This causes additional problems, which also do not improve the appearance of your hairstyle.

Hairs become brittle

The loss of proteins in the structure of the hair not only affects the color, but also affects the structure. Reducing the level of the protein makes the hair weaker and less elastic. This leads to brittleness at each intense exposure. In addition, the cells on the outer layer of the hair become more fragile - fragility becomes inevitable. Thin hair is more prone to break off. There are aids that contain the necessary proteins, they can help to strengthen the hair and restore it to its previous structure. Regular use of them can seriously help, so be sure to pay attention to such cosmetic products.

Hair growth slows down

The growth rate of hair decreases with the years, the hairs spend more time in a state of rest than in the growth stage, so that it becomes more difficult to achieve long curls. This is due to the scalp, and not to the hair itself. To the skin remained healthy and hair growth remained stable, clean it with special tools. In this case, years will not prevent you from growing luxurious curls.

Hair becomes drier

Over the years, your hair begins to look drier and lifeless - it is a side effect of thinning. In addition, the use of hot stowage devices can negatively affect. Because of the heat, the scalp suffers, it becomes dry and irritated, the pores produce more fat to protect it. This also happens when you wash your head too often. All this causes excessive dryness. If you do not want your hair to dry out, use a hair mask regularly and stay away from hot styling. This will help you maintain a normal level of moisturizing and prolong the youth of your hair.

The texture of the hair is changing

Changes in the texture are due to the loss of proteins. Without protein, the hair becomes different. Wavy ones can become straight, and straight lines, on the contrary, can start to curl. In addition, gray hair has a coarser texture. You can not fix it, just try to look after the health of the curls - they will look quite attractive, even if they turn gray completely.

Hair becomes dull

Dull strands, devoid of shine, also become a problem with age. Gray hair does not reflect light as well as others. In addition, the drier the hair becomes, the drier it will look. The loss of keratin and natural fats deprives your curls of healthy radiance.

Take care of your health

There is no way to completely stop the aging process, you can not protect your hair from this process. This is a natural part of life, which should be reconciled. All you can do is maintain the health of your hair and give them the necessary nutrients. Among the best substances to combat the signs of aging - caffeine, panthenol and niacin.

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