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Safety at school: rules, techniques, instruction

Security is a state of security that a person feels. A special role in modern society is played by safety at school, since it is here that the largest number of small children are concentrated, and the impact on their activities is not the slightest effort.

Background and events

Safety at school is largely due to the tragic events that often occur in educational institutions. A striking example of this is the seizure of students in the city of Beslan. Moreover, in addition to terrorist acts, there are phenomena of natural and man-made nature: fires, mass diseases, poisoning of students, emergency situations of criminal nature. Any of the above events generates not only numerous destruction, but also causes loss of life, injury, loss of health, and severe psychological trauma. That is why safety at school for students is the most important element of activity in an educational institution.

Job descriptions

First of all, safety at school depends on the management team. Thus, in the duties of one of the deputy directors there is an item on the need to ensure the security of each student.

An exemplary instruction of the school leadership on ensuring the safety of students is as follows:

  1. Organization of the educational and upbringing plan.
  2. Ensuring the implementation of local regulatory and legal acts that regulate safety in school. Instructions, timely development of plans, implementation of preventive measures.
  3. Timely delivery of operational information on innovations, changes, and loss of legal force by certain norms that ensure the state of security.
  4. The introduction of positive experience, as well as the search for innovative solutions in the problem of providing security on the territory of the educational institution.
  5. Implementation of methodical work both with the staff of the institution and with the trainees.

The presented list of job descriptions is exemplary. In addition, each of the powers should in the future be realized in the form of practical, more specific activities. Only through well-coordinated work and execution of each item can a high level of safety of children be achieved.

Work aimed at protecting against terrorism

The safety of students in the school depends not only on preventive activities organized by management, but also on the theoretical knowledge of the students that the teachers presented them. And the first topic, which is the basis in the world of security, is the section on countering terrorism and extremism.

This area of activity includes the following activities:

  • Regular and timely meetings and planners on the above issues. At these events, teachers can be instructed on safety in the school, which is then communicated to the students.
  • Ensuring proper control over the implementation of preventive measures, which were originally laid down in the plan for a month and a year.
  • Security in school also implies the organization of interaction between law enforcement agencies and rescue services and parents of students.

The legal basis for carrying out all the above-mentioned measures is the order of the director, which is issued in an appropriate form. In addition, there must always be a clause in the director's job descriptions that obliges him to develop a plan or to assign this case to one of the deputies. Safety in the school is based precisely on this document, which provides for the number of fees, class hours, preventive anxieties, quizzes, meetings, planners and so on.

Protection of an educational institution

The primary school is an especially vulnerable object. Security here must necessarily include enhanced protection of the institution. It can be implemented in two most popular forms:

  1. Watch guard at night.
  2. In the daytime, the operative situation in the school is monitored by a watchman, a teacher on duty, or another representative of the duty shift.

The management is carried out by the school administrator. In addition, the presence of checkpoints is an excellent security element. The introduction of new sites on the school grounds is permissible with the permission of the head of the education department.

In-site mode

The safety rules in the school should be implemented by means of an in- house mode, which is controlled by the duty shift. On the school watch there should always be a package of documents:

  • List of teaching staff, as well as attendants on the premises of the institution.
  • List of senior officials of the school who have the right to admit outsiders.
  • Instructions for the protection of school facilities.
  • List of persons officially admitted to protect the institution.

It should be noted that the list does not end with this, as the list of documents can be supplemented by a decision of the school's management and district educational institutions.

Fire safety

Safety in the school consists not only of preventive measures and plans to counteract illegal activities, but also includes the fire condition of the school, as well as the necessary rules of conduct.

The main normative document is the Federal Law "On Fire Safety", which indicates a reference point for the development of this field of activity. The legal document identifies the most important issues of fire safety, concepts, prevention measures, the algorithm of action in the event of emergencies, and so on.

An analysis of the repeated practice of fires shows that only one-fifth of the fires are caused by a malfunction of technical means. 70% of fires occur due to the negligence of the persons responsible for the prevention of fires among students and teaching staff.

Fire safety in the school consists of a number of the following activities:

  1. Compliance with laws and other, including local legal acts. This item also includes the requirements of fire services related to ensuring the state of protection in this area of activity.
  2. Provision and timely replacement of primary means designed to eliminate the source of ignition.
  3. Safety rules in the school mean strict adherence to all the requirements of the State Supervision Authority, including the elimination of the deficiencies found.

Security in the electric field

The most dangerous in terms of safety in the school are electrical and electrical panels. Here it is necessary to ensure the following measures:

  • The front door must always be locked. It is necessary to beat it from all sides with a tin or other difficult material.
  • A sign with information about the purpose of this room is placed on the outside of the door, and also the place where the keys are stored. The application of a warning sign with the inscription "Caution! Stress! "Is mandatory.
  • There must be no foreign objects in the protected room. On the floor should be placed rubber mats.
  • Any electrical board area is equipped with carbon dioxide or powder fire extinguishers. In addition, there must be a dielectric glove.
  • At school it is obligatory to close the doors to the locks!

Safety at work in school

Safety at school for students and teachers is ensured by satisfactory working conditions. First of all, in the implementation of pedagogical activity, the heads of the educational institution should ensure a set of measures necessary for the protection of labor.

The main requirements include the following:

  • Briefing. Safety in school can not be ensured without detailed explanations. There are normatively fixed rules, thanks to which the teacher can both carry out daily activities and know the algorithm of actions in the event of an emergency.
  • Presence of legislative regulation. The main legal document is the Constitution of the Russian Federation, followed by the Federal Law "On the Fundamentals of Labor Protection" and so on.

This item includes not only job descriptions, but also various programs, agreements between organizations (trade unions) and governing bodies, as well as general local acts.

The initial stage of providing this type of security is the initial or introductory briefing. In addition, the second safety training in the school is conducted just before the start of the work activity - bringing the responsibilities on the ground. Also, there are repeated and unplanned, which are aimed at preventing and improving the protection of working conditions.

Sanitary-epidemiological condition as an element of safety

The norms of SanPin must necessarily be ensured within the educational institution. Such rigidity of requirements and numerous sanitary inspections is caused by care for the physical condition of each child.

State institutions - schools, colleges, kindergartens - are obliged to fulfill all sanitary norms. Otherwise, even if all the elements of security are in order (fire, electrical safety), non-compliance with the norms of nutrition, household security is the basis for the liquidation of the educational institution.

Law enforcement authorities

The interaction of the school and law enforcement agencies plays an important role . Moreover, such a merger can be a closely related activity, as well as jointly conducted activities, for example, a week of safety in school, conducted in conjunction with the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Constant interaction with authorities can be expressed in regular visits to schools by inspectors of responsible institutions, as well as other employees of public services. In addition, law enforcement officers can exercise their powers directly on the school grounds, namely, to conduct checks against anti-corruption activities. Another area of research may be the discovery of narcotic substances, which have recently become widespread among schoolchildren.

Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB can take part in extracurricular activities as part of preventive activities, conduct lectures, lessons, and so on. Such a form of work is able most fully to convey information to schoolchildren:

  • The existence of sufficiently frequent terrorist acts;
  • On the prevention of violations of public order on the school grounds;
  • On the detection of explosive devices and other suspicious objects;
  • On the identification of persons capable of committing an offense on the school grounds.

In addition, preventive measures in conjunction with law enforcement officials are as follows:

  • Development and implementation of a plan for conducting a class hour concerning the prevention of road accidents and injuries.
  • Forming a culture of safe behavior on the streets and roads.
  • Ensuring interaction between the pedagogical collective and the traffic police.
  • Attraction of parents to work on the prevention of road traffic injuries.
  • Studying the rules of the road.
  • Creation of an orderly educational and material base for ensuring the safety of behavior on roads and streets.
  • Availability of methodological documents for compliance with road traffic.
  • Analysis and formation of conclusions, based on the statistics of road accidents.

Civil defense

The scale of the technogenic activity of modern society can endanger not only educational institutions, but entire areas, cities and subjects. Despite the increased conservation of environmental potential, safety in schools should be at a higher level. The action of officials is important to designate in job descriptions under civil defense.

About 80% of technogenic accidents are related to human activities and low professional training of workers. However, a systematic study of probable emergency situations can help not only to mobilize quickly, but also to prevent the situation.

The conduct of civil defense in the conditions of an educational institution is entrusted to the school leaders. The most frequent expression of security in civil defense is the design of the "Corner of Civil Defense." It helps to understand the signals of notification, as well as to determine the order of actions in conditions of both peaceful and wartime. There may also be dangerous areas where emergencies can occur.

Any sphere of activity of junior and secondary educational institutions is regulated by normative legal acts. In order to ensure a school safety plan, it is necessary to fully comply with the requirement of both federal legal documents and local acts.

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