How to whiten nails: simple ways for home

Excellent manicure is not just beautiful. Healthy and well-groomed nails always draw attention to their mistress, and are also an indispensable attribute of every self-respecting woman. And it's not just about the expensive brilliant lacquer, which is perfectly matched in color with lipstick. Any homework, unfortunately, harm the health of the nails, which significantly affects their appearance. The main problem for all lovers to experiment with the manicure is the yellow shade of the plate. With him you can and must fight. It's time to learn how to whiten your nails at home using improvised means.

The main assistant in such an unpleasant situation is lemon juice. It is this caustic liquid that can restore your nails to natural beauty and whiteness. But procedures using lemon must be done regularly. Otherwise, the nails will remain with a yellow tint. Do not forget to take care of them every day for 3 weeks. So, how to bleach nails with lemon juice? Cut the sour fruit into two halves. Take one of them and stick the tips of the nails into the flesh. Keep them so for about 2-3 minutes. Done! It is not necessary to increase the time of the procedure, since lemon juice can cause irritation of the cuticle. If you have recently done a manicure, then you should wait a little with bleaching. This procedure also helps to strengthen the nails.

Lemon is not the only assistant. How to bleach nails with the help of sea salt? This method is also very simple, and it can be used at home. Arrange your nails with a nice warm bath. To do this you will need a small capacity. Pour warm water into it and add a couple of spoons of sea salt. It can be purchased at any perfume store or at the pharmacy. If you do not know how to whiten your fingernails with such an elementary tool, then everything is simple enough. In salted liquid fingers should be held for about 15 minutes. During this time, the nails will receive a real charge of useful elements, which will return them whiteness. If desired, you can add a few drops of essential oils to the bath. Lemon juice also does not hurt. In a few days, the result will be visible.

Another wonderful whitening agent for nails is hydrogen peroxide. Perhaps she is in any house. In extreme cases, get a peroxide is not difficult. It is necessary to prepare a solution of the correct concentration. You will need 3% hydrogen peroxide, as well as a little glycerin. All this must be mixed in a 1/5 ratio. Apply the resulting product to the nails and hold for about 2 minutes (no longer). Wash the peroxide with warm water. After this, it is recommended to clean the nails with a soft polishing file. Do not use the product on the skin.

If you do not have time to use these tips, then visit the cosmetic store. There certainly will be a special whitening nail polish. It is very easy to use it. Typically, all the details of the application are described in detail in the instructions. Pay attention only to products of well-known brands. Do not buy the product if its packaging is damaged or was previously opened. Only in this case it is possible to avoid purchasing a substandard product.

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