What good is the design of gel nails?

According to statistical surveys, special attention is paid to hands and nails at the first meeting with a girl or woman, after the face and figure. Men claim that the skin of the hands and nails should be beautiful, neat and well-groomed. In this they are undoubtedly right! A woman is in a sense a man's adornment. That's why the female sex is extremely necessary to monitor the appearance and wardrobe.

Everyone knows that the daily painting of nails is easier to get rid of by building. For him, several materials are used: gel, silk, resin and acrylic. This article will focus on the gel. Even a good build-up can be spoiled if the design of the gel nails is poorly matched. To avoid misunderstandings, you either need to come up with a prepared idea in your head, or get the recommendations of friends about the quality of the master's work, because Nail Art is the work of the artist.

Many women before deciding on the design of gel nails, rush between decisions about which material it was worth choosing. Maybe acrylic is better? Any material has advantages and disadvantages, however, both gel and acrylic, have a never-ending popularity among lovers of artificial marigolds. The advantage of the gel is its natural origin, which allows the nail to breathe, thereby promoting growth, and the UV light used to secure it prevents the appearance of the fungus.

When working with artificial nails, it is important to use high-quality materials. If it becomes possible to purchase the entire set of necessary materials, then with the abundance of literature available on the Internet and bookstores, it is easy to learn how to build up gel nails at home. In addition, that it will be possible not to waste time and money on visiting salons, and good advertising will promote the emergence of additional earnings, especially if it turns out to realize the makings of the artist in the nail art.

It is very important to learn how to remove gel nails. If you do not know how to do it yourself or not, then it's better to turn to the salon. Otherwise, you can use acetone. Women who take the removal of gel nails with the help of improvised means, spread their opinion that the nail plates after the build up are badly damaged. Unfortunately, many are afraid of the procedure precisely because of their careless attitude to the health of their nails.

A major advantage, because of which many choose the design of gel nails, its glossy look. Nails seem to be covered with perfectly smooth and shiny glass. Good material will not crack and will not turn yellow for very long. A variety of materials can be used for design: mica, feathers, colored powders, sequins and other ornaments. In addition, you can also use acrylics.

The design of gel nails with acrylic paints can turn out to be very unusual and exclusive. Different tones, three-dimensional shapes, a game of color - all this is possible. Creation of voluminous figures is especially popular and most practical before visiting ceremonial events, because in the work superfluous protrusions on the nails will constantly cling and hinder, the conclusions of their possessor from a state of nervous balance.

It would be foolish not to mention the shortcomings of gel nails. First of all, it is intolerance of sharp temperature fluctuations, as well as detachment when working with water without rubber gloves. Therefore, if there is a desire to keep gel nails, at home or at work, any cleaning and washing of dishes should not be done with your bare hands.

Aquarium design is one of the best forms of design, allowing to create unusual shapes, reminiscent of the thickness of aquarium water behind the glass. Many women are advised to do it, because the result is very unusual and attractive. The uniqueness of aquarium design lies in its multilayeredness, which leads to the effect of looking through the mirror. This is precisely what explains its popularity among the female population.

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