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Search Engine Optimization - The Basic Element of Site Promotion

After creating and placing your website on the Internet, you need to begin the process of its promotion and promotion. For sure, everyone knows about the need to promote and popularize any resource, since only the visited Internet project will be able to bring the required result from it and real income.

The first and most effective method of promotion of any Internet project is search engine optimization (SEO). The very optimization of the site is a rather complex and time-consuming process, which in turn consists of several parts or stages. All the optimization stages are aimed at increasing the relevance of the site pages in the Internet search engines . Why do I need to improve my position in search engines? The fact is that the vast majority of Internet users come to sites using search engines, and about 70-80 percent of them do not even look at the second page of the result of a specific query. For the reasons listed above, it's just necessary to be on a higher place when issuing a key search engine query.

Stages of search engine optimization SEO

1. Analysis of the site, which consists in determining the goals, prospects, exact themes and focus of the project. At the same time, the approximate age and sex of the prospective audience of the site is determined.

2. Based on the results of the first stage, a list of keywords and phrases is compiled. When choosing suitable keywords, the number of requests and the competitiveness of selected words and phrases are determined. As a rule, it is most effective to optimize the site for low-frequency and mid-frequency requests, since it is almost impossible to compete with other resources using high-frequency queries.

3. The stage of SEO-copywriting. At this stage, good SEO texts are compiled, which correctly place the selected keywords for each page of the site. It is necessary to understand that only professionals can write optimized texts, since the text component of the site is indexed by search engines and poorly optimized texts can negate all SEO optimization work.

4. Detailed work is carried out to optimize the entire architecture of the site. Correctly placed links, a competent site map is being compiled , which in turn seriously affects the performance of full indexing of pages by search robots.

5. We work with all the scripts of the site, the program code of the pages is corrected, in other words all the technical work on the site is carried out. The compiled text content is placed using the necessary tags in order to maximize the relevance of resource pages.

6. External optimization work, which involves placing links on the Internet, namely, on other thematically similar resources. Links to your resource on the Internet also increase its relevance and value, increasing the site's TCI and PR.

At the moment, search engine optimization is the main element of promotion of absolutely any site. It's worth mentioning that only professional optimization companies can competently optimize and promote your resource, because without having the necessary skills and knowledge of search engine algorithms, it is impossible to intelligently optimize the site. Do not economize on the quality of search engine optimization, since only a well-optimized resource can bring the required result from it and more than pay back all the money spent.

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