Flowers on the nails - a spring mood in the shower

When communicating people mechanically pay attention to the hands of the interlocutor, because they are no less than a person can tell about a person and, of course, they are also pleasant to look after them. After all, a beautiful manicure, when you create a design which can show its creativity, not only decorate your hands, but also raise your spirits. In this article we will consider the colorful and colorful spring nail design "Flowers".

Spring is always there

Flowers pleasing our eyes, admire their beauty, grace and variety of forms. Since ancient times, people depict this amazing creation of nature and create beautiful floral ornaments, which adorn their everyday life. The image of flowers can be found almost on everything that a person has created, from architecture to utensils, jewelry and clothing. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that the beautiful half of humanity wanted to have flowers on nails. As beautiful as nature itself, the decor has been popular for many years. After all, even in the coldest part of the year, he gives his owners a warm sunshine and a spring mood.

Riot of colors and shapes

The advantage of flower design lies in its variety and the ability to perform both on long and short nails. The ornament executed by the hand of the master will look great, in the complicated technique of Gzhel or Chinese painting using many shades and colors. However, the simple picture in the style of children's drawings, inflicted by a newcomer, will look no less interesting and cute. In addition, do not forget about the labels and special seals with a ready-made pattern, using which you can create the desired drawings on the nails - flowers, twigs and even bouquets. As an additional decor master use stucco, rhinestones, sequins and a variety of stamped figures.

Preliminary work

It is clear that floral decor attracts attention. It can look good only on healthy and well-groomed nails. Therefore, do not forget about strengthening and improving bathtubs, oils and masks. Before you start creating a floral painting, you need to do a manicure. Then on the prepared nail plates it is necessary to put a protective basis and to allow it to dry out.

Workplace and necessary tools

To the picture on the nails turned neat, the hands should not tremble, and, therefore, it is necessary to choose a convenient and lit place for work. If there is no drawing experience, it is better not to perform it on weight. Much more convenient and comfortable it will do at the table, so that the elbows do not sag. And then the flowers on the nails will necessarily turn out beautiful.

To create a picture you will need:

  • Several varicolored, decorative varnishes;
  • Dots or a piece of dense foil, from which you can make a mini-watering can;
  • Thin rod of ballpoint pen or toothpick;
  • Thin brush;
  • A small piece of cardboard.

The cardboard will be used as a palette.

How to draw flowers on nails?

In order to determine where the nail flowers will look more effective, it is worth trying to draw them on an artificial nail plate. Also it is necessary to take into account the length of the nails and the size of the intended pattern.

The first is applied a background coating, and that the color was more saturated, it is better that there were two layers. You can proceed to create a picture when the varnish dries well.

The flowers on the nails may be the same, but you can also alternate the patterns.

Dots on a selected area of the nail we put a few circles that will serve as petals, or we use a thin brush for this, and we put the toothpick into the desired shape.

It should be remembered that every next detail of the picture should be applied only after the previous one has dried out.

Lacquer of a different color, we place a circle or a droplet in the middle of the inflorescence.

After such a simple flower is ready, lacquer of other colors with the help of a needle or the finest brush you can draw smaller details: wrinkles, stamens, leaves, stems.

You can decorate the pattern with glitter or rhinestones.

Transparent varnish will be the final stroke of the flower decor of nails.

Flowers on the nails can be painted in loose or confined to one, it all depends on where the pattern will be located. Look a few flowers on the edge of the nail. Side or in the hole will look good one large flower with painted details. Well floral print is combined with a manicure jacket, rather gently looks on a transparent basis, and drawings on a dark background speak for themselves.

Lilac branch

For beginners, decor in the form of separate flowers or lilac branches is also suitable. The technique of execution is similar to that described above. How to draw flowers on nails, we have already figured out. It remains to learn how to collect individual inflorescences in a branch. This pattern looks very good on a soft pink or light purple background.

Determine the location of the branch (effectively it looks from the side of the nail).

From the palette with a fine brush we take a dark varnish, we put a droplet on the selected area of the nail and with a toothpick or a needle, we stretch the branch out of the drop, if there is not enough varnish, we can add a drop.

Then draw on the sprig of flowers.

No less interesting is the decor in the form of a cherry twig, but unlike lilacs, flowers are first attached, and only then a branch is added.

For those who do not even get such flowers, but want to show their fantasy, there is a simple way in an abstract style. On a dark background, you need to put varicoloured varnish drops and mix them together, stretching into a pattern that resembles a flower. In this case, all the drops are put simultaneously.

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