Means for dandruff "Mikozoral." Shampoo, the reviews are impressive

To the great regret, the problem of hair treatment sooner or later comes before every person, and especially before the fair sex. Unfavorable for the head of the weather conditions, overdried air in the premises, too much cosmetics (after all, not all products are quality and safe) - all this has a detrimental effect on the health and appearance of the curls. The hair becomes too greasy or, on the contrary, overdried, brittle, quickly get dirty and seem lifeless to the stick, there is such an unpleasant problem as dandruff. White "dust" on the hair, flakes on the shoulders do not add any beauty, no health, no good mood. Help can Mikozoral "- shampoo, reviews about which there are the most positive and rosy.

What is dandruff and how does the "Mikozoral"

Dandruff itself, according to scientists, is one of the manifestations of fungal diseases, from which it is possible and necessary to get rid of, and there is nothing terrible in it. This is why antifungal drugs will help. Shampoo "Mycosoril", the application of which gives results after a couple of weeks of use, deserved popularity among consumers precisely because of its effectiveness. The remedy removes both dandruff itself and an unpleasant itch. Use it only twice a week for a month, which is very convenient and compensates for the only drawback of the drug. "Mycosoril" is a shampoo (the reviews are pointed out and quite often), which, like any medicine, has a specific smell that everyone likes. So once or twice a week you can wash your head with medicinal shampoo, and the rest of the time use any other - with your favorite smell.

Action and evidence

"Mycosoril" - shampoo, reviews about which, in principle, most of them are good. It is an orange transparent liquid with a slight but specific flavor. It can be used not only for treatment, but also for the prevention of itching and dandruff. The main active substance - ketoconazole - quickly and effectively heals the scalp, destroys the fungus and bacteria. It slows the division of cells, prevents bacteria from multiplying, removes those scales that already exist on the skin, does not allow the appearance of new ones, and also reduces the production of sebum. There are no contraindications to use, even pregnant and lactating women can be used. However, before buying and using it is better to consult with a dermatologist. "Mycosoril" - shampoo (its price is quite democratic - about 160 rubles per bottle), which can be bought at any pharmacy.

Is it worth buying a tool

The only thing to remember is the caution in using any medications, even such as gentle "Mikozoral" (shampoo). Reviews, for example, show that people often abuse the drug and use it too often and for a long time. If the dandruff and itching of the scalp have not passed through the time indicated in the instructions, do not buy a new vial. It is better to consult a specialist and consult. Maybe the problem is much more complicated, and only the doctor will deal with it.

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