How to treat hair at home.

Hair first respond to problems in our body. Stress, an aggressive environment, poor-quality cosmetics and improper care can be the cause of the problem. Your hair lost its shine, falls out and splits, dandruff appeared on the scalp? It's time to take decisive action. Today I will share the secrets of how to treat hair at home using the available means.

The article is intended for women, but most of the tips are universal and quite suitable for young people.

How to stop hair loss?

Lush hair is our pride. But, alas, the hair is a whimsical substance and very tender. I think a rare person did not face the problem of their loss. How to treat hair in this case? Of course, in the first place, it is necessary to establish the cause and eliminate it.

Often, the solution lies on the surface. If the hair you drop out directly when washing your head and then combing, it's likely that it's a bad shampoo or conditioner. Try some time without alkaline detergents. There are many recipes for home shampoos, including those based on egg yolk, bread, dry mustard. Do not want to waste time preparing them? Then I recommend to pay attention to the products of "Aleran", intended for prevention and treatment of hair loss.

The most famous anti-prolapse remedy is burdock oil. How to treat hair with it, everyone knows. But this product is absolutely not suitable for oily hair, besides to wash it off is a real punishment. Therefore, it is better to use decoctions or infusions of herbs. The root of burdock, nettle, hops is suitable. The basis can serve as ordinary water, and vodka. In alcoholic tincture, you can add an extract of hot pepper, it improves blood circulation. It is most convenient to pour such a tool into the spray and use it to apply to the skin.

The next recipe for how to treat hair when falling out was known to our grandmothers, but from this he did not become less relevant. Mask from the mush onion, honey and egg yolk strengthens the hair bulb, nourishes the scalp and strengthens blood circulation.

Proportions: for 1 yolk add 2 spoons of gruel, 1 spoon of honey.
Time of exposure: the longer, the better.

The cause of hair loss is often a banal avitaminosis. In this case, it will hardly be possible to manage home treatment. After all, our hair needs first of all vitamins of group B, and they work most effectively with intramuscular injection. Therefore, with intensive loss, it is more reasonable to consult a trichologist. Otherwise, you risk losing your hair. Treatment, as a rule, consists of a whole complex of hardware procedures with the use of highly effective drugs.

You can not do without a proper, balanced diet. In the diet, vegetables and fruits (especially those that have a green color), cereals (buckwheat, oatmeal), rye bread , bran, cottage cheese, fatty fish, white meat, liver, seafood rich in iodine, eggs as the source of the litter .

The goal is beautiful and shiny hair.

A good hairstyle is the main element of well-groomed appearance. But how often in the pursuit of beauty we forget about health. But the basis of any hair style is, of course, the hair. And if the strands are dull, with split ends, no superfences for styling will help. Therefore, first of all, master a few elementary rules:

* Never comb damp hair;
* Use the hair dryer, tongs and curlers as rarely as possible;
* Scuffle with plenty of varnish leave for a grand exit;
* Use only combs made of natural materials (wood, bone);
* Do not go to bed with a wet head.

Well, now a little about how to treat split hair with the help of home remedies. For this purpose we will prepare gelatin shampoo. Gently covering the hair, it will create a kind of protective capsule, preventing their damage.

Gelatin shampoo is a rather effective alternative to salon lamination. True, it will cost much less.

Necessary components: gelatin (usual food) and shampoo (any) - a full spoon of a dining room, broth of herbs (nettle, burdock, calendula, chamomile) - in the same amount, essential oil if desired.

In the presence of dandruff, you can add tea tree extract or mint.
The shampoo is prepared as follows. The grass is poured with boiling water and left for twenty minutes. Gelatin is first soaked, then stirred until completely dissolved. All components are combined and applied to the hair. After 5 minutes, the composition is washed off. Use this shampoo is not always worth it. It is enough to do this once a week or course.

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