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Amsterdam: coffeeshops - attractions of the Netherlands

Amsterdam is known not only for its cultural and historical attractions, but also for the mass of coffeeshops that invariably arouse the interest of tourists. Here you can evaluate the effect of a whole mass of substances that are banned in other European countries. If there is no certainty that it is permissible to use it safely and in what quantities, it is always possible to find out such information from the staff of institutions.

In the presented material, we will look at the addresses of coffeeshops in Amsterdam, which deserve the attention of travelers, and also advise you where you should definitely look when you are in this city.

A short excursion into the history

The concept of "coffeeshop" originated in Amsterdam in the 70s of last century. It was during this period that the city authorities realized that it was absolutely useless to fight with lovers of light drugs. Today in Amsterdam there are more than two hundred establishments whose visitors can try substances that have the status of banned in Europe.

In the 90's many coffeeshops began to trade in heavy drugs. Therefore, the police soon closed down the institutions that were found to be engaged in illegal activities. However, in the city there are still quite a lot of places of this kind, where it is permissible to enter persons who have reached the age of majority.

How to open a coffee shop in Amsterdam?

What do you need to open? Coffeeshop in Amsterdam can easily be arranged by finding a suitable room and registering as a private entrepreneur. The only problem for businessmen from our country can be high taxes. Similar fees are much more impressive for foreigners than for residents of Amsterdam, who wish to give a start to such a business.


Which institutions, where you can try light narcotic substances today, is Amsterdam famous? A coffeeshop called Abraxas is the largest in the city. You can find it at: Jonge Roelensteeg, house 12.

He takes a coffeeshop as many as two three-story buildings. Despite the impressive square, here there is a rather cozy, pleasant atmosphere. The last floors of the establishment are used for cultivation of marijuana. If desired, tourists can be photographed against the backdrop of the plant bushes for free. The specified product can be tried in an institution both in the pure state, and in structure of cookies, other delicacies.

Gray Area

What other places is "glorious" Amsterdam? A coffeeshop called the Gray Area is one of the city's most popular tourist attractions. The institution is located at the address: Oude Leliestraat Street, 2.

Here it is possible for a modest fee to try some varieties of really strong marijuana. The institution works around the clock throughout the week. Therefore, in its halls you can see tourists from all over the world at any time of the day or night.

Dutch Flowers

Consider another well-known coffeeshop, which is located on the street Singel, in a place where the largest water channels of the city intersect. Tourists called Dutch Flowers are attracted by their cozy atmosphere, the presence of a few tables, which allows you to relax in the absence of a significant number of visitors.

Customers of the coffeeshop are offered mainly expensive varieties of marijuana. Therefore, when going here, you need to have an impressive amount of money.


Observing all the coffeeshops of Amsterdam-2016, which are popular with tourists, we can not fail to mention the institution called Grasshopper, which is located along Oudezijds Voorburgwal street, house 191. This place attracts visitors' attention primarily with an interesting interior. The design of the establishment is dominated by calm green tones, which allow you to truly relax and distract from the surrounding world. Clients are offered accommodation at spacious tables with comfortable benches. Coffeeshop is known for its huge veranda, where you can go out to breathe the air, chat in a relaxed atmosphere with other visitors.


When planning to visit Amsterdam, a coffe shop for light psychotropic substances, it is worth looking into an establishment known as Greenhouse. The latter is located at: Tolstraat Street, 91.

This coffee shop is one of the first and oldest in the city. Unlike other establishments of the given plan, here visitors are offered not only strong enough marijuana, but also alcohol.

Greenhouse features a pleasant interior design. In this place there is always a friendly, friendly atmosphere.

Tips for visitors to coffee shops

Before deciding which coffee shop to go to in Amsterdam, it is worth paying attention to the following points:

  1. One should be sure that the use of light narcotic substances will not affect the body condition negatively. It is also recommended to check whether there is individual intolerance and contraindications to their admission.
  2. Before visiting a coffee shop, do not consume alcohol. The presence of alcohol in the blood can lead to the most unforeseen consequences in combination with even the lightest, seemingly absolutely harmless drugs.
  3. When visiting a coffee shop in Amsterdam, it is recommended that you carry a bottle of water with you. The feeling of constant thirst invariably haunts the clients of such establishments.
  4. Try drugs with caution and with intelligence. First you can smoke a cigarette, where marijuana is mixed with a rather impressive amount of conventional tobacco. To immediately not be in a deep intoxication, do not take deep puffs.
  5. You should not go to coffeeshops alone. The company must have at least one partner who refuses the proposed range. Only in this case the situation will be controlled by the person, which is in an adequate state.
  6. Going to the city, it is worthwhile to find out in advance, how many coffeeshops in Amsterdam are going to visit.
  7. Going to a coffee shop, you should not take with you valuables and all available money. Persons who go out into the street in a state of drug intoxication may become victims of small robbers. Although this happens rarely. After all, the crime rate in Amsterdam is quite low.


So we reviewed the most popular coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Naturally, in our review not all institutions of such a plan are represented. However, it is the places from our list that are the most famous in the city and therefore cause a lively interest among tourists who come to the city in order to get acquainted with light narcotic substances.

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