"Rothband" (plaster): characteristics

Today, the mixture of "Rotband" is quite widespread on the construction market. Plaster of this brand will allow quickly to make leveling of surfaces. Among other things, with the help of this plaster it is possible to create various decorative effects on the walls.

Pros of plaster "Rothband"

Gypsum plaster "Rotband" has a lot of advantages, including no shrinkage, as well as excellent adhesion. This material has, among other ingredients, gypsum, lightweight aggregate and various polymer additives. Another advantage of "Rotband" stucco is its versatility, which is expressed in the ability to use the composition not only to create a decorative layer, but also to carry out repair as well as restoration manipulations.

If you decide to choose the "Rotband" brand for repair, the plaster will also save considerably, which is true when comparing with analogues. The application of the mixture can be carried out on porous surfaces, while it will not lose its qualities, as well as when exposed to significant temperatures. Under the unfavorable conditions described, the applied layer will not peel off.

For one approach, the master can apply a layer, the thickness of which reaches 50 mm. If you need to get a more impressive layer, you should work in two approaches. If you choose the product "Rothband" for walls, the plaster will not cause harm to health, since it does not have any harmful substances.

Features of the plaster "Rothband"

If the work is carried out in the ceiling area, then plaster can be applied to its surface with a layer, the thickness of which can vary from 5 to 15 mm, whereas on walls it is permissible to apply a layer from 5 to 50 mm. If there is a need to make a layer with a thickness of 10 mm, then 8.5 kg of the mixture in dry form will leave for 1 square meter.

If you choose "Rothband", the plaster will have a fractionality within 1.2 mm. In order to prepare 120 liters of solution, it is necessary to take 100 kg of dry composition. About 30 kg of the composition will need about 18 liters of water. It is necessary to prepare the prepared composition within twenty minutes. A complete drying will happen in about 7 days.

The price of the mix "Rothband"

Not only those characteristics, which were described above, are of interest to the consumer who chose "Rothband", plaster, the price of which is not so high, is also often of interest to buyers. After all, it is the cost that sometimes forces a person to choose his choice in favor of one or another product. The described mixtures are so popular among private developers and professionals for the reason that they are in the middle price range. Buying a package of plaster, whose weight is 30 kg, the buyer pays about 360 rubles.

Features of the preparation of plaster

If you have chosen a product of the brand "Rothband", plaster, the price of which may differ in your city from the one that was announced above, should be applied by all rules, only so you can get a smooth wall with a quality finish. Preparation of the mixture must be carried out in a plastic container. Initially, it is necessary to pour a little of the composition and mix well, only after that it is permissible to start pouring the remaining mixture.

When preparing the solution, it is recommended to use a mixer. Gypsum plaster "Rotband" after kneading should be kept for 5 minutes, and then re-mixed. After the application has begun, it is no longer possible to add water.

Plaster of the brand "Rotband" has proved quite well. If there is a need to level the wall for further work, then it is worth choosing the described mixture.

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