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Goulash pork recipe: not in Hungarian, but also delicious

This amazing food is home to Hungary, whose inhabitants not only invented a pork goulash recipe several centuries ago, but also established a real national holiday in his honor. Unique, consisting of a small set of delicious ingredients, this dish became international very quickly - in the modern world there was not a single traditional national cuisine in which there would not be a recipe for goulash or a dish similar to it.

Naturally, the people of Hungary believe that only they know how to cook goulash from pork really correctly. They call their food "royal soup", thanks to its unusual taste qualities and attractive - exquisite - appearance. However, this ambiguous dish even among Hungarians causes controversy: is it possible to consider goulash soup, or is it still meat in a plentiful sauce, that is, a second dish. Russian man all these subtleties are of little interest - if only the dish satisfied the main senses, it was beautiful, tasty and fragrant. In the rest everything depends on the recipes, which for many years, since the moment when the goulash with pork was invented, was invented a huge amount. Even in Hungary there are several ways to prepare it - in one region, this requires only quality meat and a lot of greenery with spices, and in the other - mushrooms and fresh crispy cabbage.

As for varieties invented and used all over the world, among them there are dishes not only from game, but from chicken meat, mutton, and even from fish - catfish or carp. But still the most popular was and remains the recipe for pork goulash, as close to the classical Hungarian. For its preparation you need to take meat (700 grams), broth (250 ml.), Onions (2-3 grams) and tomato puree (30 ml.). Of course, the creation of food is impossible without a set of spices, seasonings and spices - ground black pepper and sweet red, cumin, salt, grated lemon zest. And taking additional sauerkraut (250 gr.) And a little vegetable oil (80 ml.), You can start to fulfill the recipe - first cut small cubes of pork and fry it in oil, in a thick-walled saucepan. When the pieces have a pleasant golden color, they can be added with onion rings, then chopped sweet pepper and a whole set of spices, pour over the broth. Next is the food for an hour to put out on low heat, so that the pork cooks well and mixes its juice with the juice of vegetables.

After the appointed time, you can send the sweet pepper, peeled, discarded and cut into small slices, as well as sauerkraut. After this, this pork goulash recipe assumes another half an hour to break the dish on a slow fire, season with spices, and then serve it to a table with sour cream, also seasoned and mixed with grated lemon zest. Since in the Hungarian region, where the inhabitants use the recipe for cooking, such a dish is considered the second dish, it is best to serve it with a garnish, for example, with boiled potatoes.

And the following recipe for pork goulash is attractive, primarily because it does not take much time. In addition, a dish prepared according to the recipe can be used as the first, without garnish. In order to create a goulash in a microwave oven, you should take meat (500 grams), carrots and onions (2 pcs.), Flour (100 grams) and favorite spices to taste. First of all, you need to prepare the pork - cut into small cubes, rinse and put into a prepared container, top the shredded vegetables, add salt and send to the microwave for warm-up - for 5-7 minutes. At this time, you need to mix the water with flour and spices, stir well and, when the container with meat and vegetables warms up, pour in from above. That the dish has not thickened, it can be covered with a lid and sent back to the oven, for about ten minutes, until the water boils. After this, the dish should taste, and if necessary (if the microwave is not too high) warm again.

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