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Cucumbers in their own juice, cooking recipes

Ordinary cucumber, of course, can not do much, but in matters of beauty and youth, health is ready to give odds to many other products. First of all, it consists of 95% pure, lively and structured water, has a high potassium content. Also has a lot of chromium, zinc, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, iodine, trace elements and vitamins. And this is just part of the set of nutrients. Therefore, any dish from this vegetable, including cucumbers in its own juice, is also very useful. So we will learn several recipes for this dish.

The first recipe for cucumbers in its own juice

By such a juice we understand porridge from its own fruits. To make it, you need to grate seven or eight mature cucumbers on a large grater, add a one-and-a-half cup of salt to them and mix the mixture. Let it stand a little, so that the juice appears. Take now cucumbers of any size, to your own taste, I dry them. Kashu is divided into three parts. We start to prepare cucumbers in our own juice. We put one piece of gruel on the bottom of a three-liter jar, on top there are horseradish leaves, chopped dill, peppercorns and two cloves of chopped garlic. We put or put cucumbers, the second layer of gruel, again cucumbers, horseradish with dill, the third part of porridge, we pour out the remaining soup. Put the jars in the cellar or cellar and leave to wander. You can in a cool dark place, substituting plates. If desired, immediately cover with plastic covers, but this is not necessary. After 12-15 days, the quenching will end, and they can be rolled for permanent storage - with iron lids. Make sure that all voids are filled.

Cucumbers in their own juice - the second recipe

In this case, cucumbers are mixed with garlic, greens, porridge and spices in a container and on top - a saucer porcelain and oppression. Vegetables should be covered with porridge completely. At room temperature, leave the container until lactic fermentation begins . When it starts, we transfer it to the basement or refrigerator. In the basement should be a temperature of about three degrees of heat. We leave there until full maturation, which usually occurs on the 12-15th day. In the event that the level of liquid during fermentation has dropped, you need to top up the brine, at a ratio of 70 grams of salt per liter of water. Pickling of cucumbers in its own juice is completed.

Pickling cucumbers with herbs

Now we need two kinds of cucumbers: overripe, large - for puree and small - for salting. We cook cucumbers in our own juice. The recipe is not complicated. We pass large vegetables through a meat grinder, they need to be washed and dried. We put on the bottom of a three-liter jar a piece of horseradish, dill, black currant and cherry leaves, two or three chopped cloves of garlic. All this should completely cover the bottom. Top with a tablespoon of iodized salt. Next - mashed potatoes, and in it small cucumbers. You need to try so hard to make half the jar busy. Again we put the same greens, salt, mashed potatoes, cucumbers, which must be covered with liquid. The last layer is green, we place a horseradish sheet on it, which prevents mold formation. And the last spoonful of salt. We close the jar with a plastic lid. It is advisable to leave a little room - for fermentation. If in the spring the cucumbers in their own juice are a little sour, you need to place them in a fresh solution - a liter of water with three tablespoons of sugar. They will come to life and will be tender and fragrant, useful and small children, and peptic ulcers. In addition, the brine is useful for cleaning your body.

Prepare pickled cucumbers with hot pepper, garlic and horseradish

Ingredients for 18 servings: three kilograms of cucumbers, 60 grams of horseradish, one head of garlic, three pieces of hot chili peppers, two bunches of dill, one and a half liters of water, and a third of a glass of salt. Cooking pickles in their own juice. They should turn out to be delicious and crispy when cooked properly. They can be added to the rassolnik or eat separately. Sterilize the cans and lids. We put in a bowl washed cucumbers and we shall fill them with boiling water. We prepare the spices and let them brew for 15 minutes, pouring boiling water. Then we lay out on the banks, on top - a row of cucumbers. We rub extra our vegetables on a large grater. Kashka salt, and take 90 grams of salt per half liter of grated cucumber. Fill this mixture with all the empty spaces. Again, put the cucumber and mix again. We close the lids with lids and send them to a cold place, preferably in the refrigerator. You can start eating in a month and a half.

Lightly salted cucumbers in a package

We all love to eat lightly salted cucumbers. Previously, they had to buy them in the store and not always they were to taste. Now there are many ways how you can cook them yourself and quickly, and at minimal cost. You will need: a kilogram of cucumbers, two tablespoons of salt, one tablespoon of sugar, two cloves of garlic and a bunch of dill. Well, now we will prepare cucumbers in our own juice, the recipe of which is calculated only for 10 minutes of your time. Cut off the tails from the washed vegetables, finely chop the garlic and dill. Take a cellophane bag, put cucumbers in it and add all the ingredients. We tie the package, shake it a bit and send it to the fridge. It will be 10 hours, and before you - these are lightly salted cucumbers.

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