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How to use false eyelashes

Women are able to perform miracles at one glance, but what to do when there is not enough expressiveness due to liquid and short eyelashes that are not helped by any mascara? The answer is simple: use eyelashes waybills. They visually increase their eyes, make their eyes open and childishly innocent. To date, eyelashes are expensive and presented in a huge range and can be used for everyday wear, and for special occasions. They can be made of natural or artificial materials, with the addition of rhinestones or sparkles on the tips, differ from each other in color and texture.

To make the volume used black or brown eyelashes are overhead, which are sold in bundles, on tape or watermelon. The most convenient for building up are bundles, because with their help you can create individual volume and length, completing them right in the process. How much false eyelashes cost depends on their design, material, method of attachment, etc. The cheapest cilia are made of polymer and are attached to the tape. The most expensive are an intricate design that is used for freak parties. Also, premium-class products include eyelashes from the pile of rare animals, which are incrementally sown. They are quite difficult to distinguish from natural ones.

When the false eyelashes were chosen as beams to use, the main question that faces women. In fact, there is absolutely nothing complicated in this. To successfully build up, you need a little technique, accuracy and skill. First you need to degrease the eyelid with ordinary water, that is, just wash yourself. Then begins the most difficult and most interesting. Selected false eyelashes are applied to the eye in turn, cut if necessary, and they must be equalized immediately for both eyes in the same way, so that the asymmetry does not turn out. After that, a special glue is applied to the tip of the bundle or a separate eyelash. It dries a little and the prepared object sticks between its eyelashes. This moment is very important, because it is this arrangement that compares them with natural eyelashes. In this way, the bundle behind the bundle is glued completely to the entire eye. In order to press the beam to the eyelid, you can use a toothpick. It is then added glue in case of its shortage.

After all eyelashes have been pasted on the eyelid, you need to take a black pencil or eyeliner and draw along the line of eyelash growth. This will make the place of gluing of artificial eyelashes practically invisible. Then you need to carefully look at the resulting result and, if necessary, adjust it with scissors. From above on the eyelid, the shadows are applied. To complete such a make-up of eyes, you will need a regular tablespoon. It is convex part of it is applied to the line of growth of the eyelashes, and they are stained together with natural cilium mascara. This will give them more naturalness.

To sleep with them is not recommended. To remove false eyelashes it is necessary by means of means for putting off make-up from eyes. Having moistened in it a wadded disk, it is applied to the eyelid, pressed and left for a few seconds. After that, the cilia are carefully separated from the eye. If desired, they can be reused. To do this, lashes should be carefully washed with soap and water and removed from them the remnants of glue, and then removed back into the plastic container.

Some mistakenly believe that false eyelashes harm their own. This is not so, because artificial adornments are glued between natural cilia, which means they do not create any additional load on them. With proper use of them, you can achieve the effect of a sexual, inviting, open look, before which no one can resist.

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