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Stole numbers: what to do, where to run, what to expect

All car owners (both amateurs and professionals) risk at some not quite a wonderful day to stay without a favorite means of transportation (and even a way to earn). And not because they were inattentive at the wheel, but because of fans of easy money. And now the sad result is that you have stolen numbers. What to do in this unpleasant situation?

Why do you need someone else's autonomy

Reason number one: primitive blackmail for ransom. Here, the most popular are the numbers with the mobile phone number of the owner, machines from other regions or countries are equally in demand. The money will be expected on any of the Internet purses, on the windshield there is a note with the details of the conditions. SMS-ki and mobile calls from one-time rooms or street phones are also not uncommon.

The second reason is that you need numbers for the machine you intend to use for robbery, theft, attack, etc. And if this is the target, you will not be able to return what you stole (numbers). What to do with this? Just tell "where to", so that at least they do not consider you an accomplice.

The third reason: the petty mischief from neighbors, coworkers, in general, those who look at you crookedly. Find out who does not love you so much - return what they stole (numbers). What to do with the "criminals" further - it's your business, but at least with neighbors it's worth reconciling and finding a common language.

And the last option: you managed to get an unusual number and collided with the collector. Return loss is unlikely to succeed.

The legal order of actions

Restoring the number is a troublesome business, but affordable. First, a statement is written about the theft, and it is more reliable to do this in the district department. Upon application, you will receive a protocol and a ticket, as well as a notification. The decision is made within 10 days. Then, if you are lucky, you will get a criminal case. With the received coupon sadly we go to MREO (we leave the unlimited machine in the parking lot), write an explanatory note about the one (which was stolen) numbers. What to do next, they will tell, and at best, a couple of hours after the registration of all papers the owner will receive a new board sign. It will remain to change the coupon of the vehicle inspection (it is not necessary to pass it again, and it pleases) and to renew the insurance. Then, depending on the rules of the insurer: they can give a new certificate, they can add new data to the old one.

The procedure is dubious, but conditionally permissible

No matter how simple the described actions seem, there are always pitfalls. And for 2 weeks few people manage to settle all these formalities. Here, suppose, they stole car plates. What if you need a car every day, if it depends on your well-being and your family? The easiest way to do this is if the signs are stolen precisely with the purpose of redemption. Pay the money and get the coveted numbers back. Scammers have a good knowledge of information, so they usually ask for even a little less than you give to the state in the form of state duties and necessary payments. But the number will be back to you tomorrow. Feeling of resentment for some time with you still, but the opportunity to use the car will return quickly and without bureaucratic delays.

Transit numbers are the most sad case

And if your car is "stripped" in another city or, worse, you live in another country? The situation is complicated several times. Suppose, for the sake of redemption, the transit number was stolen . What to do? Try to buy it to begin with. If the number disappeared without a trace, first act according to the scheme described above. Wait for a long time, but the result can not be predicted. So if possible, go to the traffic police (registration and examinations department) and write a statement about the loss of the number for the issuance of new transit.

But it's better to take precautionary measures. There are several options in which the twisting of numbers you are not threatened. But we'll talk about this next time.

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