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Morning Prayer - Glory to the Lord for the Dawn

Many people do not pray in the morning, referring to the lack of time. And the connection between these phenomena is just the opposite - if you have not appealed from the very beginning of the day for help to the Lord, then you will not have enough time for the rest. Verified by many generations of Orthodox, for whom morning prayer is a must.

Audio alternative

What to do if you overslept and are late? For this case in your mobile or player should be morning prayers in Mp3 format. On the way to work at least listen to them, it's only fifteen minutes. Of course, this is not a full appeal to God, but still a way out in the situation of force majeure.

Praise the Lord for the dawn

Why do we need a morning prayer? When a person talks to God about the future day, he, first of all, thanks for waiting until the time of recovery is successful. Every night thousands of people die on the Earth, and we survived the dawn. For one thing, it is worth to thank the Creator. The complex of morning prayers begins with a set of initial texts. Then the believer turns to the fiftieth psalm. What is special about it?

History of the Psalm

To understand the meaning of this prayer from the ancient collection of hymns, you need to know the related history. King David was pleased with God, but once he stumbled - sent to death the husband of the beautiful Bathsheba, who he really liked. The ancient ruler bitterly repented for this sin, and the Lord forgave him. The chant for this event is read every morning among other prayers. In it, we express the hope that the mercy of God is able to completely purify us from everything that stains us, as if the blood-soaked clothes suddenly suddenly became snow-white.

The Basis of Faith

Morning prayer continues. After the penitential psalm, the Christian reads the Symbol of Faith. In this small text, which is desirable to know by heart, contains all the basic provisions of the Orthodox teaching. If you understand every word in prayer and agree with everything, then you will not be confused by various heretics and sectarians. The symbol of faith is the support of a Christian.

Similar, but different

Prayers of the morning and evening are generally similar in structure, there are a number of texts under the numbers in both the first and the second complex. But for the beginning of the day there are more appeals to God, read before prayers with numbers, and in the evening - on the contrary. The texts under the numbers in the morning prayers are ten, and in the evening - eleven. After the Symbol of Faith in the morning, it is precisely the numbered prayers that are read. After that, the Christian can only read requests for mercy from the Lord of the living and dead relatives. And do not forget that the morning prayer includes an appeal to a holy patron bearing the same name as he.

What are we asking?

If you find an opportunity to turn to God in the morning, then it will help you to fight with laziness and weakness. Also, you will call the Guardian Angel to protect you from evil thoughts and bad people. And the Holy Virgin will help to move away from the passions that make you sin.

Take time for morning and evening prayers - and your life will acquire a completely different quality. Experienced Christians know that the day spent "according to the rules" and without very different. So ask God for help, getting out of bed so that everything will work out.

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