Tape mounting: what is it for?

In modern construction, mounting tapes have been widely used. In the window industry, vapor barrier materials are used. They are made of butyl rubber with a cloth or aluminum foil. Perforated products are made of polyethylene foam and coated on both sides with glue. They are used in the construction of pipelines, air ducts and for a variety of fixtures in construction.

The mounting tape performs the function of external waterproofing. With the help of sealing material, all gaps can be completely covered and reliable protection against harmful climatic influences can be obtained. The product is fully ready for use and expands when you fill it yourself. This happens faster at high temperatures.

The mounting tape is impregnated with a special composition, after which it becomes resistant to atmospheric precipitation and ultraviolet irradiation. Fungi, microorganisms and mold do not affect this material, and these properties do not change with the period of use. The temperature at which the polyurethane foam article is stored has a fairly wide range.

Why do we need an assembly tape that is used for window systems? Foil tape (GPL) is used for steam, heat and waterproofing. The composition of this product includes foamed polyethylene, which is an excellent vapor barrier protection. Due to this component, moisture does not accumulate. Insulation material for installation is used wherever it is required to protect the window from contact with the external environment. Sealing tape protects, and the vapor-proof membrane does not let moisture pass. Waterproofing material is also glued under the slopes. Of course, the cost of such a design becomes much more expensive, but thanks to it moisture does not enter the room.

The mounting tape used for windows has a constant thickness. Unwind and cut it straight before installation. The opening of the window and the frame are pre-cleaned well from dirt and degreased. The vapor barrier material is installed prior to application of the foam.

Perforated mounting tape LM is fixed in any place, since it contains holes of different diameters. With its help reinforce the brickwork and strengthen the truss system. This product is made of galvanized steel, which allows it to be used not only indoors.

One of the most common fasteners is a tape for ventilation. However, it is used not only for ventilation systems, but also for fixing containers, for the installation of cable lines, for the installation of a warm floor and so on. The mounting tape GOST 14918-80 made of hot-dip galvanized steel 08PS is manufactured.

Advantages of perforated fasteners:

  • Rapid adhesion to the surface;
  • Ensures the durability of the structure;
  • The possibility of working with plasterboard, which greatly facilitates the installation;
  • The ability to create hidden constructions;
  • Thanks to the surface material, they are even;
  • Allows to get strong and durable structures.

In some cases, builders recommend installing installation tapes without fail. It depends on where the house is and how the walls are insulated. But in any case it saves heat in the winter season.

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