How to make a frame in Photoshop fast

Photoshop - a professional program for editing photos and other images. Despite the fact that this application was created for professionals, the interface is so simple and understandable that it's easy for an amateur to understand it. It is this, as well as the functionality that explains the huge popularity of Photoshop.

In this program you can change the size, color of the photo, add various effects with filters and do many other things. Very often, users are interested in how to make a frame in Photoshop. In fact, it's very simple. Almost all the frames that are provided for downloading on the Internet are made by means of this program. You can decorate the picture in this application in a few clicks. There are a lot of options for completing the frames in Photoshop. There are very complex, with an unusually spectacular result. For example, such as this photo:

And there is simpler. From them it is best to start a newcomer.

Make a frame using the canvas size changes

So, let's consider the simplest way:

  1. Open the image.
  2. Then go to the menu "Image" - "Canvas Size". In the opened window put a tick in front of "Relative".
  3. In the "Width" and "Height" windows, set the figure to 20. Remember to change the centimeters to pixels.
  4. Below you can see the image with the arrows. Click in its center. To understand how to make the frame in Photoshop more interesting, here you can experiment, say, clicking on one of the arrows. But for clarity, it's better to start from the center.
  5. Opposite the "Canvas extension color", set "Background". Click on the rectangle on the right to select a color. You can pick it yourself, but you can take the "Eyedropper Tool" tool, press the "I" key, then click on any favorite shade on the photo itself.
  6. Now "Enter", and the simplest frame is ready.

How to make a beautiful frame in Photoshop using the selection

This method is slightly more complicated:

  1. Open the file.
  2. Create an empty layer by clicking on the second from the right icon at the very bottom of the layers palette. Click on the name of the layer and enter the word "frame".
  3. Select the entire image - menu "Select" - "All"
  4. Now you need to take any of the selection tools (lasso, rectangular or round selection) by pressing the "M" or "L" key, then right-click on the image.
  5. In the menu that opens, select "Transform Selection".
  6. While holding "Shift" and "Alt", drag the mouse over one of the corners of the transformation frame. After you try different options, you will understand how to make a frame of the necessary size in Photoshop.
  7. Now again, "Select" - "Inverse".
  8. Select the color of the frame in the color palette, then grab the fill (key "G") and fill the selection area.
  9. "Select" - "Deselect".
  10. "Edit" - "Free Transform". Again, hold "Shift" and "Alt" and pull the corner of the transformation frame. Having tried different variants of accommodation, you will understand how to make a frame in Photoshop that is right for you.
  11. Press Enter.
  12. In the layers palette, set the value of "Opaticy" to 70%.

As you can see, everything is very simple. A few steps and everything is ready. We hope, now you understand how to make a frame in Photoshop, and you can easily decorate this element with any desired photo yourself. Starting with a simple framework, gradually improving, you will learn to do more complex.

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