How to scan a document

Recently, the cost of peripheral computer devices is declining with each new generation. For example, until quite recently a person with an average income for buying a laser printer for a home computer could only dream, and now it is necessary to choose between a good jet model and a budget laser. The process of reducing prices did not bypass such seemingly office devices as scanners. Everyone can afford to buy a model with a CIS matrix.

Finally, after a long search, the scanner was bought, brought home and removed from the colorful packaging. The first question that arises from the owner: "How do I scan a document?". First of all, we note that scanning is completely safe for the user and for the device itself, so you can repeat it as many times as you like, there will not be any loss (unlike printers).

Before you scan a document, you need to prepare the device for work. To do this, you need to perform a series of actions sequentially: connect the power of the scanner, connect it to the computer, install the driver. The control driver is located on the drive that is attached to the device. If it is missing, then you need to find a sticker on the case with the name of the model and download the program from the developer's site.

Usually, after preparation, each user wants to understand how to scan photos on a computer. It is the photo (picture) and only then - the document. Open the top cover of the scanner (actual for popular tablet versions) and place the picture on the transparent glass with the image facing down. Usually in the upper right corner (there is a key label). By the way, who is looking for how to scan text, and not pictures, should remember the rule: any documents are placed in the scanner down by symbols. The scanning mechanism passes under the glass! After placing the sheet (book, photo), close the lid. The less external light gets on the glass during operation, the higher the digitization quality. Sometimes the question is not how to scan a document from an A4 sheet, but how to digitize information from a voluminous book. In this case, place the pages of the turns on the scanner glass in turns, and close the resulting open areas with thick paper.

Next, run the program. It can be a driver's user interface or a third-party FineReader from ABBYY. For those who are more interested in how to scan a document, it is recommended to select FineReader, since this application has great capabilities. However, it must be downloaded and installed on the computer. The launch is standard: open the menu of the Start button, follow in the "ABBYY - FineReader" or, if it is decided to work directly through the driver, then, for example, "Canon - ScanGear" (depends on the scanner).

In FineReader, click on "Scan" and perform a preview. The result is a black and white image. Use the mouse to drag the dotted lines, choosing the desired area - this will speed up the process of digitization. Next, in the same window, click "Settings" ("Settings") and set the desired parameters: resolution in dpi, brightness, color mode. The higher the resolution value, the higher the quality. For a simple text, 150-300 dpi is enough, but for photos it is desirable to choose more. True, this setting directly affects the scan speed, so do not forget to set it according to the source type. Do not forget about the "Save" button.

Now click "Scan". After the scanner carriage has passed, the desired image appears on the screen. If it is a question of a photo, now in the menu we select "Save as the image", we specify the target folder, we type the file name. If you scanned the text, you need to click the "Recognize" button. After that, the recognized text appears on the right side of the screen, which can be saved as a file or sent to Word.

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