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How on "Android" to open a ZIP file or any other archive in the simplest ways

In modern mobile systems, as well as in fixed operating systems, it is very often necessary to work with file archives, compressed to save space on the internal or removable storage. Let's consider some popular formats, and at the same time we will understand what program to open a ZIP file for "Android". Here you can offer at least two simple solutions.

How to open a ZIP-format file on "Androide": general principles

Immediately need to grieve all the users of Android-devaysov. In the system itself, there are no tools for working with archives. It's unclear why, but the developers left the question of how to open the ZIP file on "Android" (or any other archive container), without a solution. Thus, in comparison with the same fixed OS, in which, as a rule, the built-in archiver is already supplied in pre-installed form, it will be necessary to use exclusively third-party tools.

As for the choice of the program, there are two main directions:

  • Use of a special application-archiver;
  • Opening archives with the help of file managers, in which the archiver is built-in.

How to open the ZIP and RAR file on "Android": specific programs

Among all that is offered today in the market of mobile applications for archivers, separately can be noted analogs of fixed programs, for example, Andro ZIP, RAR for "Android", Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip and many others. Most of these applications can be downloaded and installed free of charge from the Google Play store.

If we talk about the question of how to open the ZIP file or any other archive on Android, it is worth noting that the sequencing of the actions performed in virtually all cases is absolutely the same. To do this, after running the application in the list of folders, find the one that contains the desired archive, enter it and tap on the desired object.

After that, the extraction line of files is selected, and then the browser button selects the place where the extracted data will be saved. Confirm the selection by clicking the "OK" button, after which we simply wait for the end of the extraction process.

The most powerful file managers

There is another no less interesting and accessible method, which allows to solve the problem of how to open the ZIP file on "Android". It consists in using special file managers, which in their functionality have pre-installed tools for working with archives.

The most powerful and most popular programs can be called applications ES Explorer and Solid Explorer. As the names indicate, these are, in general, ordinary conductors, but with rather unusual possibilities. When using them, too, you do not need to have special knowledge. The whole process of unpacking is reduced only to, as in the previous case, select the required archive, tap on it and perform several further operations.

Convenience is that the archive can be simply opened to view the content, for example, using ES Zip Viewer, or you can use a special button to fully extract the information, having previously selected all the objects in the archive directory. Needless to say, you must specify the path to the folder in which the files will be saved from the archive, and confirm your choice.

What to prefer?

As can be seen from all of the above, the question of how to open the ZIP file or some other archive container on Android is solved quite simply. It's a pity, of course, that the system does not have its own tools. But, if you install the appropriate application, the actions will not actually differ from what many of us do in the same Windows OS.

If we say what to apply, everything depends on the user (which is more convenient for him). However, if you approach this topic from a practical point of view, you can advise you to install the file managers mentioned above. First, in this case, you do not have to install the archiver separately, and secondly, and the conductor itself may be needed for a variety of purposes. And in the same application ES Explorer there are many additional functions and modules that allow you to control almost all the main parameters of the system.

Finally, if someone does not like the proposed solutions, there is nothing easier than connecting the device via USB to a desktop computer or laptop and extract information using the same Windows systems.

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