Well in sand: the way of the device

The problem of drinking and technical water in the suburban area can often be quite acute. One of the ways to solve it can be called the arrangement of wells. They are artesian and arranged on the sand. The second type can be used as a temporary source of water. The well in the sand does not have too much depth (15-35 m) and productivity. Bury it to the sand layer, on which water flows. The water quality will be slightly worse than in artesian wells. The service life is also not too great - 3-7 years.

Well in the sand has not too much water - just about 500 liters. For comparison: in the well it is recruited up to 1200 liters. However, the quality of water in such a well is somewhat better than that of a well, since the sandy aquifer is protected from penetration of external clay water. In addition, the expediency of its installation is often determined by the lack of the need for a special permit. So, how do you arrange such a well?

First of all, it is necessary to take into account the fact that in the event that water is at a depth of more than 35 meters, drilling with a screw is impossible. The well in the sand can not also be drilled if a rock bed meets the equipment path. The risk to spend money for nothing when drilling this type of well is large enough. The water in the sand may be too little or not to be at all.

The design of such a well consists of a casing, surface or submerged pump, head and pipeline. Well for sand, reviews about which in most cases are positive both for summer residents and for rural residents, must necessarily be equipped with a filter at the bottom of the pipe. It will prevent sand from entering the water. This filter will subsequently have to be cleaned periodically.

The pipeline for supplying water to the house will need to be laid below the depth of freezing of the soil. A hole is made in the casing for its connection. From above, the well is closed with a head. Usually it's just a lid with a latch and seal. A surface pump can only be used when the depth of the well does not exceed 8 meters. Otherwise, apply deep.

The quality of the filter directly depends on the life of the well. It is necessary to establish immediately a good one. In the event that it fails, the well on the sand will not be repaired. Have to drill a new one. It is best to use mesh, because such models are only manufactured in an industrial way, and therefore, are of high quality. It is a device consisting of a frame and a wire net stretched in it. The size of the cells determines the size of the sand fractions that will trap the filter. In this regard, it is worth consulting with a specialist.

In order to extend the life of the filter, it is necessary to additionally arrange gravel. She will hold the sand. A special settling tank is assembled below to collect the sediment. Thus, a well can be created on the sand by hand. The pump is selected, proceeding, first of all, from its diameter and quality of water, as well as its volume.

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