Transport tax in the Krasnodar Territory. Transportation tax: rates, calculation

Today we will study the transport tax in the Krasnodar Territory. And in general everything that concerns this contribution to the state treasury. After all, this payment is really important. It has a huge number of features. And failure to pay it can bring a lot of problems. For example, to deprive a citizen of the opportunity to drive a car. So let's learn as soon as possible everything that is fraught with a transport tax in the Krasnodar Territory.

What kind of payment

Let's start with the study of payment as such. What kind of fines are these? Who should pay them? And most importantly, for what?

Transport tax is a payment that is paid by all transport owners. He is charged for registration at the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate. This allows you to travel on the roads of the city, the country and the world as a whole. In each region, this tax is established individually.

What does it mean? There are no unified calculations and rules that would help the entire population. Each subject has its own numbers and benefits. We will be interested in the transport tax in the Krasnodar Territory. Who should pay it? How to calculate the amounts? Up to what time to pay? And are there any beneficiaries among the population? About all this - further.

Does everyone pay

The first thing that interests modern taxpayers is whether they should all pay this tax? Answer here is unequivocal: yes. All taxpayers who own a particular transport are required to pay annually.

But of course, there are exceptions. In the Krasnodar Territory there are benefits. Some are completely exempted from paying the transport tax, and someone gets a benefit. The overwhelming majority of the population is still not exempt from our present contribution. So, who can not pay or pay a smaller amount of transport tax. Krasnodar Krai benefits to several categories of the population.

About Beneficiaries

At once it is necessary to note: if you concern to concessionaries, hurry up to declare the rights. Otherwise, you will receive bills for payment. Ignore them, you can, but it's not desirable. Then you will have to prove your rights and defend your own innocence.

The transport tax in the Krasnodar Territory completely exempts from paying disabled people. Not all, but only those who belong to the 1 st and 2 nd group. The same rule applies to special services that transport people with disabilities. If an organization is involved in creating roads and repairing them, there is no need to pay a transportation tax either.

In addition, do not forget about the common exempts. It's about the victims of Chernobyl, veterans and Heroes of the USSR. It also includes, as a rule, also military servicemen (elderly) who took part in hostilities. Their families in the event of the death of a serviceman are also exempt from tax. But large families in the Krasnodar Territory in 2016 do not have exemption from contributions to transport.


What about pensioners? The transport tax (Krasnodar Krai, 2014-2016) is paid by them. But not in full measure. Yes, if a pensioner is an invalid, he has the full right to exemption from payment. But nothing more.

For the average elderly person in the region there are special rules. The thing is that such citizens have the right to a 50% discount on the tax on transport. This condition applies to all those who went on a well-deserved rest. And they are very actively used.

But keep in mind: pensioners, who own several vehicles, can receive a privilege only for one of them. At its discretion. When you apply to the tax service, you will have to specify which transport you are going to pay in part, and which one completely. These are the rules.

How to count

You can find out the transportation tax in several ways. For example, trust the data that will be listed in your payment. This is not the best option, as many are trying to first independently calculate how much they will have to pay for transport per year.

Therefore, you can use simple formulas and special services on the Internet. They will help you calculate the transport tax. Calculator (Krasnodar region will need to be selected in the list of regions) for this is available on the official website of the Russian Tax Service. However, it is not recommended to use it. After all, Internet services have some errors. So, to know the transport tax, you will have to calculate it yourself. How exactly?

What will help

You can calculate it using simple formulas. Even a schoolboy will cope with them. The main thing is to know certain components. For example, transportation tax rates are an important component. Krasnodar region has its bets. This item is established in each subject of the Russian Federation on an individual basis. And reflects the cost of one horsepower on a particular vehicle.

You will also need to know the power of your engine. These data are usually available in the TCP. Expressed in the horsepower. Nothing difficult or special. The number of months of ownership will also have to be taken into account. Basically, when your transport in the property is less than 1 year. Otherwise, this indicator is not useful. The last thing that can be required is the so-called incremental coefficient. It concerns luxury cars (cars with a value of more than 3 million rubles).

The calculation of the transport tax (Krasnodar region is not an exception) will take place according to several formulas. The first of these is called the standard one. The amount is obtained after multiplying the tax rate on horsepower in the engine. When it comes to auto, which is less than a year in ownership, you need to multiply the standard formula by the quotient from dividing the number of months of possession by 12.

Do you have a luxury car? Then just multiply the standard formula by increasing the coefficient. It's all. If the luxury car in the property at the time of payment less than a year, multiply with the coefficient will have a second formula. This concludes all the calculations.


The transport tax in the Krasnodar region, as you can see, is calculated exactly the same as in any other region. The only difference is in tax rates. They have a direct effect on the final amount that the taxpayer must pay. What do we have in this regard? The basic tables that help calculate the transport tax in 2016 for residents of the Krasnodar Territory are presented below.


Engine power (horsepower) Tax rate (rubles)
Up to 100 12
From 101 to 150 inclusive 25
151-200 50
201 to 250 75
More than 250 150


Engine power (horsepower) Tax rate (rubles)
Up to 35 8
36-50 15
51-100 20
More than 100 50


Engine power (horsepower) Tax rate (rubles)
Up to 200 inclusive 25
From 201 and more 50


Engine power (horsepower) Tax rate (rubles)
0-100 15
101-150 thirty
From 151 to 200 (inclusive) 50
Up to 250 60
From 251 80

For luxury

What do those who bought a luxury car? Some tax rates are indispensable here. As already mentioned, a so-called incremental coefficient is also required. It is established proceeding from an average cost of the car and its year of release. What are the possible options in the Krasnodar Territory?

The average cost of cars - from 3 to 5 million, and it was released 2-3 years ago? Then you need a factor of 1.1. At a similar cost, but if the car was released from 1 to 2 years ago, this figure will increase slightly. Now it will be 1.3 and 1.5, when the transport is completely new. That is, if it was released less than 12 months ago.

2 - coefficient, relevant for cars with an average cost from 5 000 000 to 10 000 000, issued no more than 5 years ago. As you can see, the more expensive the car, the higher the figure we need. A rising factor with a value of 3 is relevant if the transport costs up to 15 million and was produced no more than 10 years ago. Or when it cost the owner up to 20 000 000 rubles, and the issue took place no more than 20 years ago.

Order of treatment

Strictly speaking, this is all that you might need for a tax on transport in the Krasnodar Territory. Please note: individuals must pay this fee approximately until December 1. But the advance payment is available until the end of the reporting tax period. More precisely, until April 30. Firms and organizations have fewer privileges in this regard. They are required to pay the transport tax until March 1 inclusive.

What is the procedure for applying to the tax service in the Krasnodar region for obtaining benefits and discounts? Exactly the same as in any other region. Take the following documents with you and show them to the appropriate service:

  • The passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • Application for benefits;
  • SNILS;
  • TIN (optional, but desirable);
  • PTA to the car;
  • Ownership of the vehicle;
  • Certificates confirming the right to benefits.

It's all. If you previously paid the transportation tax, but did not know that you are eligible for benefits, you can issue a refund. True, only for the last 3 years. To this end, to the documents already listed, attach all the payments and receipts with checks, and provide bank details for the transfer of funds. It's all. Calculation of transport tax (Krasnodar region is a different region - it does not matter) is extremely simple. Especially when you know all the necessary data for this.

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