The rates of utilization for cars in the Russian Federation

If you look into the history, you can find that the problem of garbage processing began to worry humanity for a long time. For example, Queen Elizabeth the First more than 400 years ago (1588) granted tax breaks for those people who collected old rags in London and transferred it to processing for subsequent paper making. Although why go far - quite recently, when people were more attached to the land, had at least personal plots, then everyone clearly understood how unacceptable it was to pollute the land with harmful wastes.

Today almost all cities are surrounded by a dense ring of landfills. It is considered, for example, that every American daily generates about 2 kg of various garbage. At the same time, the biggest problem is that dumps are filled with so-called e-rubbish, which appears after the ejection of obsolete electronic devices. Soon, certain parts of modern machines will appear among it. Therefore, in many countries, and in Russia in particular, a recycling tax on cars has been introduced, which is a source of financing for processing operations. He is called to make the ecological situation better, because Such a large object as a machine can not be efficiently processed only by the forces of nature.

The rates of recycling are different for different states. For example, in Europe they are about one hundred euros and are paid when buying a car. In our country in the period 2010-2011 during the program of exchanging old cars for new ones, the owner of the old car paid 3 thousand rubles for recycling and received a discount of 50 thousand rubles. On a new machine.

Today, the rates of recycling collection are defined in Resolution No. 870, adopted in 2012 (August 30). To calculate the collection, information is taken about the owner of the vehicle, as well as the data of the car itself - brand, date of issue, model, mode of transport, VIN, engine capacity, engine number and type, vehicle mass in tonnes. For each particular machine, the base rate and the correction factor are set. For example, the utilization rates for machines imported for personal use, regardless of engine size, are set at a coefficient of 0.1 (0.15 for machines that have a production date more than 3 years ago) to a base rate of 20,000 rubles . And for dump trucks with a gross mass of more than 350 tons, they have a coefficient of 37 (40) at a base rate of 150,000 rubles.

The car is collected from the manufacturers (if they do not apply for safe disposal in the future to the Ministry of Industry and Trade), from those who introduce cars and those who bought the car from a person who did not pay the fee. From its payment, settlers, diplomatic representatives, persons importing cars from the countries of the Customs Union , etc. are exempted. The rates of recycling collection do not apply to certain types of machinery. For example, for those that have an age of more than 30 years, the original body, engine, frame and imported into our country for their own use.

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