And do you know how to weave braces from a mulina with patterns?

One of the most popular adornments in adolescents has long been finesse. And this is understandable, because they look original and, in addition, the color of each thread woven into this bracelet, carries a special significance. So, for example, a bauble can become a symbol of strong friendship or a declaration of love. How to weave bracelets from a mulina with patterns, for a long time the Indians knew, and a little later this art was adopted by the adherents of the hippy movement. Today, these ornaments are an integral part of the stylish image of the younger generation. The process of creating these cute knickknacks is very exciting and does not require any special skills, so anyone wishing to weave a stylish bracelet.

Materials and color matching

First of all, before you start working, you need to prepare materials for a bouquet from the mulina; Patterns that need to be selected in advance. You can create them yourself or use a sample. So, what you need to create a bracelet:

  • Thread of a mulina of different colors;
  • Scissors;
  • Tailor's pins.

If earlier the choice of thread color was paid special attention, now combinations for bracelets are selected, rather, simply from aesthetic preferences. However, each color has its own meaning. So, for example, a white thread means freedom and purity, yellow - beauty and faith, red - passionate love, black hides in itself a hint of loneliness, green bears harmony, and purple symbolizes dreams.

Masters distinguish two types of braiding knot for bracelet - simple and double. Patterns for baubles from mulina are also subdivided into straight and oblique.

Straight weaving

How to weave braides from a mulina with patterns of "stripes", using a direct weaving? To start work cut a pair of threads five times longer than the finished product, each color in two segments, put them in the right sequence, bind and fix with tailor pins on a small pillow.

Next weave from left to right, tying all the segments alternately with the end thread, pointing the nodes to the left. In the same way, each time starting work from the left edge, knit a bracelet of the required length. It is very important to carefully knit the nodules of the same density, in order to get a smooth and smooth braid. Realizing the principle of how to weave braids from a mulina with patterns by direct weaving, it is easy to get rid of any inscription or drawing on such a braid.

After the desired length is achieved, on both sides knot strong knots and fasten fasteners. If there are none, then you can simply tighten the knot firmly and braid the braids from the free ends of the threads.

Oblique weaving

How to weave braces from a mulina with patterns "corners" or oblique weaving? For this decoration, too, paired strands are needed, which are arranged in a mirror image. For example, two black, two blue, two yellow and two white - the first part, the second from the middle will go the other way, starting with white. Beginning with the work that binds the two central threads, after knitting knots, alternately retreating in each row along a thread from the center. Going out on the edge of the baubles, the weave is made first from the left edge to the middle, then from the right. To fix the series, two central threads are tied together. For the string, just like in the first description of a simple baubles, loose ends are weaved into a tight braid.

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