Kek - what does this mean? Keck in social networks. History of appearance and meaning of the word

The language of Internet communities is a phenomenon specific and sometimes extravagant. Stormy discussions of topics in social networks, hot discussions in the forums are full of jargons that puzzle random visitors to websites. The regulars of VKontakte, Facebook and other platforms for communication tend to express their thoughts briefly, richly and emotionally. Therefore, they slip in their messages slangy words.

Some jargon, for example IMHO, have become familiar. Others only came into use. This refers to the word "cake". "What does it mean? Keck - an insult or approval? "- Asked at the sight of an incomprehensible word, a man uninitiated in the subtleties of the modern Internet language. Let's understand. Otherwise, we can not avoid embarrassing situations, ridiculous incidents and conflicts.

What is a cake?

Keck is used mainly by young people in social networks, thematic Internet communities and in the gaming environment. In a broad sense, this word means "laughter," and it always has a negative connotation. Depending on the situation, the cake can be interpreted in different ways: slight mockery, malicious smirk, sarcasm, irony, disdain, contempt, mockery and even outright insult. That's what the word "kek" means in youth slang. This jargon conveys a wide range of feelings, but it is not always a form of direct aggression. Situations are different. And its shades vary depending on the case.

Kek: instead of a thousand words

Interlocutors can discuss in personal correspondence their enemies and their actions, sending each other the word "cake" in messages. They thus demonstrate a unified opinion or give an overall assessment of the situation. A kek is an answer to a stupid question or an unpleasant absurd proposition. He in the blink of an eye stops the further discussion, but can lead to a conflict.

Keck is an open insult to the person who is engaged in trolling. This word can act as not only an interjection, but a noun or an adjective. In such a case, it can be interpreted as an abusive word: "Well, you are a cake (ken)" You ask: "What does this mean?" Kek in this case will be synonymous with the word "loser". These are the main cases of using new jargon.

LOL and cake: similarities and differences

The word "kek" has synonyms. Among them is the acronym LOL. Despite the fact that both jargon express laughter, they are not always identical. Know how to distinguish them is necessary. Otherwise, the Internet user can expect quite a major embarrassment. It all depends on what lol means. And the crochet can not always replace it. LOL extremely rarely carries a negative emotion. The acronym stands for laughing out loud, which means "I'm dying of laughter".

LOL is a burst of laughter. A sign that the joke was a success. This is a kind of compliment to the sense of humor of the interlocutor. Uncontrolled, almost hysterical laughter - that's what lol means. And the cake can become its full synonym only in an exceptional case. For example, when a person, not understanding the meaning of an acronym, uses it as an insult. Such incidents occur rarely and are considered a mistake. The malicious colleague of the Internet memo LOL is not used in a purely positive sense. This is due to its origin.

Where did the word "cake" come from?

The kek comes from Korea. The word appeared there more than ten years ago. For the first time it began to be used in chat rooms by fans of the Korean network game StarCraft. Participants in space fights were tossed among themselves by messages. Covered with excitement and a thirst for victory, the players tried to poke each other, prick and show their superiority. And in this they were helped by the word "cake". At the right time with his help, they gloated over the defeat of the opponent, snickered when their victory became obvious, and also expressed other aggressive emotions.

In this context, the question is interesting: how is the word "cake" translated? The answer to it lies in a special Korean laugh. Its sound can be designated on the letter by the word kekeke. It turned into a gaming environment in the abbreviated form kek. The word quickly took root among gamers. And when the game StarCraft became popular abroad, it quickly became common among foreigners. Years later, Korean slangism spilled out of the playing space and became part of the everyday communication of regulars of social networks in RuNet.

Funny coincidences: cake and lulz

Resourceful fans of Internet slang found an interesting coincidence. If you type "cake" Latin on the keyboard, without first switching it to English, the letter combination "lul" appears on the computer screen. Observational Internet inhabitants immediately made an analogy with the word lulz. In English it means a grin. And according to the version of the newspaper The New-York Times, and at all expresses the joy of breaking someone else's calm. What does it mean? "Keck" - the word that came from English? Of course not. It's just a coincidence. However, it caused an emotional reaction among users. Such associations, as is known, contribute to the memorization of new words. Perhaps that is why slangism took root in RuNet.

A malicious grin and an active sludge: what can they have in common?

A modern word means not only malicious laughter. Internet dictionaries interpret it differently. According to them, the cake is an active sludge. It looks alive such a substance, to put it mildly, is not very attractive. Brown watery mass causes unambiguous associations. Bright images, especially repulsive and disgusting, remain in the memory of a person for a long time. In fact, active silt and snide grin do not have a center of contact. However, they have one name - a cake. So now people are putting even more negative and contempt into this slang.

Keck and Shrek - an unusual association

They are associated with the word "cake" and quite friendly images. This is the name of the famous animated cartoon character Shrek. The emergence of this rather strange association is associated with the game World of Warcraft. In the network for a year now there is a war between the Orc faction and the Alliance, and the enemy sides are constantly communicating. Once during the game, an unusual story with messages happened. The acronym LOL, which the orcs sent to the Alliance, the chat filter displayed as a cake. At once no one understood what this meant. Keck caused first bewilderment, then interest.

Players began to actively use a new word. However, it was always associated with orcs. On the Internet, the word tightly adhered to Shrek. Many users look with indignation at such an association. After all, everyone knows that Shrek is an ogre. However, do not forget that these creatures almost always find themselves on the side of the orcs in the world of World of Warcraft.

So our brief excursion into the history and etymology of the word "kek" ended. Now you can not be afraid of misunderstanding, awkward pauses and embarrassments. Enjoy your time on the World Wide Web, dear users!

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