Who is she, a woman who is called Evdokia (full name) - Dunya

The name given to a person at birth accompanies him all his life. It gives its owner a certain character and destiny. But many names are too long for everyday use, so almost everyone has a short form.

Dunya (full name Evdokia): the origin

It has Greek roots. Translated as "goodwill" or "good glory."

In Russia the name appeared along with Christianity, it came from Byzantium. It was very popular among ordinary people, it had one more form - Avdotya. Later it began to meet in the upper class. Nowadays it is gaining popularity again. It has the male form of Evdokim, which translates as "enjoying good glory."


Dunya is a name that has an inventive, cunning and unpredictable child. However, in childhood, the girl can be replaced and such traits as resentment and capriciousness.

For small Evdokia there are no authorities, it does not even count with parents. Exceptions are found, but rarely.

Sometimes a girl begins to feel embarrassed by the way her name is. His full name Dunya generally tries to avoid in childhood. During this period, parents need to help their child solve this problem by instilling self-confidence.

At school the girl is studying well, Dunya has excellent academic performance in all subjects.

Growing up, she becomes very amorous and trusting, she does things by the heart, without thinking about the consequences. Later on some of them will be very sorry.


Growing up, she increasingly appears Evdokia, using her full name. Dunya remained in her childhood.

Of course, it is more suitable for a determined and independent woman. She overcomes life difficulties with her head held high, goals are always achieved. Evdokia is able to stand up for himself in any situation.

The woman - the owner of this name from the outside seems unapproachable, proud, for her criticism of others is considered unacceptable. However, in her heart she is vulnerable, it is easy to offend, quite often she can simply "withdraw into herself", which causes her great inner suffering.

After the quarrel does not recognize his mistakes, and will never be tolerated first.

His full name Dunya begins to love with age, realizing that it is rare and unusual.

Usually Evdokia has one girlfriend who is very trusted. She is literally jealous of her surroundings and strongly experiences even small quarrels.

Marriage and family

Growing up, Dunya remains as amorous and passionate as she was in her teens. She believes her heart more than she does with reason. For those around her, she is also Evdokia (full name), Dunya - only for the closest people.

She is more attracted by soft, pliable men, able to surround her with caress and care. She expects harmony in relationships and is often the initiator. Evdokia believes every word of his chosen one, but only as long as he loves.

From his narrowed-back waits for full return, she is one of those women who need everything or nothing.

Because of the high requirements for the future, the spouse gets married late, but more often once for a lifetime. In a marriage she is happy, loves her children madly.

She visits cultural events with her husband, prefers exhibitions and theaters. Carefully watching himself, but a good mistress of it turns out rarely.

Thanks to the desire for harmony, the family of Evdokia reigns calm, conflicts in her house are rare.


Dunya prefers to be a housewife, she does not like to work. All financial matters are decided by her husband.

However, if desired, still can build a career and achieve great success without sacrificing the family, which is very important for Evdokia.

Usually Dunya chooses a "female" profession: secretary, teacher, confectioner, hairdresser, salesman, manager.

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