Secrets of free English learning

English is considered an important means of communication in the modern world. If we exclude the English-speaking countries, millions of people around the world communicate in this unique language. In many countries, English is studied as a foreign language to give a person freedom of movement. During a business trip to London, romantic walks in Poland, or a stylish shopping in Milan, knowing English will make you feel comfortable. Only here many people at school learn French, German or other more exotic languages, which makes communication difficult. A tutor's help or courses will cost you a fortune, so it's worth learning the secrets of free English learning.

To start, you should download the English program, which will guide and prompt. The student begins a gradual acquaintance with foreign vocabulary, which is complicated with each lesson. Of course, the first lessons may seem boring or a little primitive, because without introductory rules and some general moments, you can not do. However, after a few lessons the person feels self-reliance, which only increases. The peculiarity of such a program is the lack of restraint, which often persecutes students at various courses. Everyone in the depths of the soul doubts their abilities, shy of their own ignorance, although the skills from the air will never appear.

As an additional source of information, self-study guides are used, which on the open spaces of the network number hundreds. You can choose several different books, fancy your style of presentation of the material. Just someone likes rigor and stiffness while studying, and someone adores unobtrusiveness and playfulness. Although it is not necessary to consistently adhere to only one type of training material, and all the information obtained must be properly secured. In this, exercises, as well as movies and books in English, are very helpful. The first books have to be read with a dictionary, making notes on the margins or writing out unknown vocabulary in the dictionary. However, as the language is studied, the vocabulary will have to be resorted to less often, peeping at the meaning of only single words.

It's quite another thing - films and programs in English, which at the initial stage will have to be watched with subtitles. Just do not put Russian subtitles in any case, because from this the effectiveness of the classes drops sharply. You can also train your own memory with classic English poems, which you memorize by heart. Of course, such an integrated approach requires a high level of self-discipline, but it will be possible to defeat your own laziness and save a decent amount. And then the saved money will be so pleasant to spend on a trip abroad, where you can flash with your knowledge of the language.

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