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"Resanta SAI-190": review, description, characteristics. Welding inverters

The inverter refers to modern welding machines without a transformer, which always created considerable dimensions and weight. The device is a power supply with the necessary parameters at the output, providing a normal process of creating integral connections. The welding inverter "Resanta SAI-190" became popular in Russia. Feedback may not always be objective, since the level of users is significantly different. If you use the machine correctly, it will cook well even with a low mains voltage.


The welding machine has the following advantages:

  • Semi-industrial model is used for short-term repairs, but can be used for large volumes of welding;
  • Small weight and dimensions;
  • Forced cooling protects against overheating reliably;
  • Good performance;
  • It is possible to weld different metals;
  • Economy of electricity and consumption of electrodes;
  • Smooth regulation.


The disadvantages are the following:

  • Short welding cable;
  • Electronics do not like low temperatures, and the fan in the frost can freeze and stop;
  • There is no advantage in price in comparison with similar devices in terms of characteristics;
  • A short length of welding cables (2.5 m), which creates inconvenience during operation.

Budget products of Chinese production are characterized by instability of characteristics. Including this applies to the model "Resanta SAI-190." The recall also depends on the functionality: the higher it is, the more expensive the device, and the price-quality ratio does not suit everyone.

Features of models "Resanta"

Modern manufacturing technologies make the device more reliable and more maintainable, and also allow to make high-quality welding. Apparatus can also work with non-ferrous metals and cast iron.

The principle of operation of new devices is based on converting the mains voltage into a pulsed one. They also include "Resanta SAI-190". The operating scheme allows rectifying the alternating current, and then making it high-frequency. After the voltage is reduced to the working voltage with a small transformer.

Welding process is facilitated by introducing new "hot start" and "anti-roll" functions. In the first case, the arc ignition is accompanied by a short-time increase in the welding current and its reduction to normal, so that the electrode does not stick to the part. In case of a short circuit, the current decreases sharply, and after the electrode is detached, the system immediately restores the arc burning parameters. As a result, it easily becomes stable, and the welding process is facilitated and allows you to quickly master newcomers. There is no need to configure parameters, because they always work in the process. It does not need to keep a smooth arc, because it is automatically supported.

Modification of the "Resanta SAI-190PN" can work with a large decrease in the voltage of the network. On the other parameters of the model with the same maximum welding current, there is little difference between them.


The device "Resant SAI-190" features the following:

  1. The welding current is 10 ... 190 A.
  2. The maximum current of the primary winding is 25 A.
  3. Diameters of electrodes - up to 5 mm.
  4. The input voltage is 140 ... 240 V.
  5. Duration of work - 70% at a current of 190 A, for example 7 min. Continuous welding and a break for 3 min.
  6. Voltage without load - 80 V, providing easy ignition of the arc.
  7. The arc voltage is 27 V.

The device is equipped with electric sensors, which include an emergency indicator of overheating, and protection is triggered. The reasons can be different, and it does not hurt to make sure once again that there is no shortage between the welding cables. If the current is about 60% of the maximum, the overheating protection will not trip. When welding a metal with an electrode with a diameter of 3 mm, a current of 90-110 A is selected. At the same time, the stock should be 1.5-1.6 times. Then the device is selected at 160 A, and better - at 190 A. The energy consumption depends not on the type and power of the selected model, but on the installed welding current.

Which device is best to choose

The choice of the device depends on the amount of further work. If they are long, you should take a powerful professional apparatus. Its price is high, because the electrical circuit provides a long-lasting regime during the whole working day (8 hours). A household welding machine of low power is designed to work no more than half an hour, after which a break for 30-60 minutes is required to lower the temperature.

The choice of the device also depends on the voltage of the mains. If it is above 210 V, a device with a maximum current of 160 A is suitable for the house. For a low voltage of the network, a device with a current of at least 190 A is used.

The best inverters for welding are Fubag (Germany), Gysmi (France), Helvi and Selco (Italy), Power Man (Korea). In Russia, widely used models of Chinese-made "Resanta" and domestic "Torus".

Inverter device

The case is made in a classical style of sheet metal with a coating. The shape is made rectangular, and the dimensions are 350 x 140 x 250 mm. A flat base allows mounting on any surfaces. For ventilation on the side there are slots through which air is easily supplied to the transformer for cooling.

On the front panel there are indicators of the network, overheating, current adjustment is made, and connectors for fixing the welding cables are placed. The electronic circuit is equipped with forced ventilation, the lattice of which can be seen from the outside. Inside there are 2 fans. The light weight and compact dimensions make it easy to carry the device with a shoulder strap attached to the top of the case.

Due to the metal structure, the device is not used in high humidity conditions.

Recommendations for working with the inverter

  • If the supply voltage is unstable, the stabilizer will not interfere.
  • It is not recommended to place the device when working on the floor, so that the fan does not catch dust on the part.
  • Next to the apparatus, do not work as a bulgarian because of the ingress of dust and scale to the electronic circuit.
  • In wet weather, do not take the device out into the open air, nor is it allowed to cover it from the rain.
  • Operation is only permissible with a faulty insulation of the mains wire and welding cables.
  • When carrying the device from the street to a warm room for work, it is kept for 3 hours before turning it on.

Principle of welding

The process consists in creating an electric arc, melting the electrode and the edges, thereby forming a strong seam. Its quality is checked after each interruption of the welding process. In this case, the hammer is repelled by slag, and the integrity and uniformity of the deposited layer is inspected.

Preparing the device for operation

The inverter "Resanta SAI-190" is easy to use and quickly mastered.

It must be grounded through the power cord. First, the cables are connected to the terminals, and the current controller is set to the minimum position. The power is then applied to the device, and the operating current level is set. If the diameter of the electrode is 5 mm, it corresponds to a welding current of 160 A, and for a 1.6 mm section there will be enough 50 A.

After stopping welding, the machine is turned off in the reverse order. The last step is to set the current regulator to the minimum level. Cables should always be disconnected if no further work is expected.

When in the room should take measures to ventilate it and remove all inflammable materials. Before work protective means are prepared: a welding mask, overalls, a headdress and gloves.

Malfunctions of the "Resant SAI-190"

Compared with the old transformer designs, modern inverters fail more often, which is due to the considerable complexity of the devices and the abundance of electronics.

Despite the ease of the welding process, the current needs to be properly regulated. For this, the process speed and electrode diameter must be taken into account. With an increase in diameter by 1 mm, the current should increase by 20-40 A.

Frequent reasons for the failure of the apparatus are as follows:

  • The absence of an arc due to cable breakage, loss of "mass", burnout of the components of the printed circuit board, overheating of the inverter;
  • The device quickly heats up because of the failure of the fan or the accumulation of dust inside;
  • The power does not turn on due to a break in the circuit, a cable fault, a switch or an outlet.

The length of the extension cord influences the welding process. If it is more than 40 m, the losses become significant, and welding is often impossible. In this case, the network cable is taken for 4 mm 2 or more. Also the big influence renders burning of contacts in a food, creating the big resistance.

It is difficult to detect a malfunction in the electronic circuit. For this, special equipment is required, and the "Resant SAI-190" repair must be carried out in specialized workshops. But a visual inspection can reveal burned parts and disturbances of soldering.

Welding machine "Resanta SAI-190": reviews

Models of welding machines are constantly changing, and not all produced batches of products suit consumers. On the "Resanta SAI-190" the feedback will be positive if the device is correctly selected and correctly operated. For a beginner with any model, there will be problems until he gets accustomed.

Particularly noticeable advantages are when the "Resant SAI-190" apparatus is used with unstable voltage. A response to another model in this regard is not always in its favor.

One of the criteria of good quality is the uninterrupted operation within a week after the purchase of the device. According to customers, after a long time it works without repair.

Many people are not satisfied with the short length and high stiffness of the cable, which create great inconvenience in the work. According to the experience of specialists, it can be extended to 5 m if the cross-sectional area is not less than 25 mm 2 . Particular attention should be paid to the termination of the ends. Usually they are connected to the tips by soldering. You must carefully weld all the wires together.

Some users, when trying to cook stainless steel, stick an electrode. In this case, you need to change the polarity, use special electrodes, and trust the work of a qualified welder.


Welding inverters are indispensable helpers in the household. They need to be taken with more power, which will allow to qualitatively cook at lower voltage. Usually devices with a welding current of 190 A with all the tasks are being mastered. Devices with a large maximum current are much more expensive.

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