The Mahuntseti waterfall, created by the best architect - nature

Mountainous region of Georgia has long been famous for the natural beauty and hospitality of local residents. Adjara is not only a relaxing holiday on the beaches, but also an exciting journey through its surroundings. If tourists are bored of blithely sunbathing, then they go to the miraculous places of interest, which is rich in a drowning in the greenery corner.

The Mahuntseti waterfall is the pride of the locals

The resort part of Georgia, which has a huge number of natural monuments, rightly deserves special attention. When it comes to the most beautiful corners of Adjara, the undisputed leader of the visit is the large waterfall of Mahuntseti, located not far from Batumi, in the village of Keda. A picturesque place is a delight for all guests of the region.

A popular place for tourists

Hidden in the shade of the trees, the magnificent waterfall of Mahuntseti will surprise its guests in the spring when it looks like a real giant taking strength from nature itself, and its roar drowns out all other sounds. The popular place is fascinated by its amazing beauty, and the splashes sparkling under the bright sun, to which the miracle of Adjara is broken, play fantastic spillovers. It's impossible to take your eyes off the stunning picture of an ice avalanche falling down, like consisting of silvery threads.

On a hot day, hundreds of thousands of small sprays cool the air, rising high above the surface of the earth. In the high waterfall, the Mahuntseti (Batumi) waterfall is especially beautiful: a hazy haze enveloping the resort's main jewel creates a mysterious atmosphere, and the glistening reflections that play with diamond sparkles captivate with their tenderness. From a unique masterpiece of nature, any person can lose the gift of speech.

Natural pool with healing water

The Adjarian pearl is amazing with absolutely transparent water, tearing itself from a height of almost 20 meters in the gorge, forming a rough mountain river.

Below there is a stone bowl, which for many centuries was hollowed out in the rock by the Mahuntseti waterfall. In the unique pool created by nature, in the summer with pleasure the tourists swim. Water has a rejuvenating effect, but it must be taken into account that it is very cold here, so people with weakened health should be more careful.

Arched bridges erected by ancient masters

Near the waterfall, 10 minutes walk from it, there is a well-preserved arch bridge across the swift river Adzharitskali. Historians have found out that one of the largest structures in Adjara appeared between the XI and XII centuries, by the order of Queen Tamara. Descendants wonder how workers without special tools built a crossing, consisting of stones cemented with cement mortar, and without a single support. The special accuracy of the calculations of ancient masters and the strength of the structure are striking.

More than twenty bridges are located on the territory of the Autonomous Republic, the construction of which was due to the strategically important appointment of the region of Georgia, located at the crossroads of the main trade routes. Compact and sturdy, they blend harmoniously into the landscape and are incredibly convenient for operation in mountainous areas.

Man-made monument of Adjara

The aesthetically attractive bridge of Queen Tamara, as it was called by the locals, has undergone several reconstructions for many years, as evidenced by new rows of rock blocks that differ not only in size but also in laying methods.

The length of the structure, withstanding the weight to seven tons, is 28 meters, and the height of the arch is six. The mossy sample of rocky Georgian architecture is fraught with many puzzles, exciting experts. Here you can feel the grandeur of the ancestors, who erected a reliable bridge that has become one of the main historical monuments of Adjara. And to this day it excites the imagination of those who came to admire the mountain scenery of the guests of the most beautiful corner of Transcaucasia.

Outdoor activities

After seeing the natural attractions of Adjara, hungry tourists can taste delicious dishes of national cuisine and taste home-made wine in a nearby outdoor cafe. In the set openwork pavilions, where the fascinating sounds of the waterfall are heard, it is so pleasant to relax in the shade and enjoy the coolness.

How to get there?

You can get to the babbling miracle on any minibus that goes towards the small village of Keda. The trip will not take more than 30 minutes, and in the right place tourists will be met with signs indicating how to find the waterfall of Mahuntseti (Batumi) and the ancient bridge erected by unknown builders.

Traveling to the real treasures of Georgian nature will bring many positive emotions and will be remembered for ever. The attractive aura of these places fills with energy, forcing tourists to return to the picturesque corner, in which there is nowhere to be seen a unity with the world around them.

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