Yerevan: sights of the capital of Armenia

This amazing city is located in the north-eastern part of the Ararat valley. Located on the bank of the Hrazdan River, originating high in the mountains in Lake Sevan and flowing into the Araks River, Yerevan shares this mountain river in two parts.

From Biblical times to the present day

According to legend, it was here after the World Flood that the biblical character Noah first saw the earth and exclaimed: "Erevan!" ("She appeared!"). Having come down to earth, he founded a city here, called Yerevan. Whatever the legend says, Yerevan is indeed the oldest city on the planet. The city-fortress of Eribuni (formerly called Yerevan) was founded in the 8th century BC. The king of Ancient Urartu Argishti I. Over the years of its existence, Yerevan underwent many changes, was under the rule of the Arabs, Persians, was one of the provinces of the Russian Empire, the capital of the Soviet Republic.

The first thing that catches the eye of a tourist who visited Yerevan for the first time - the sights here are found practically at every step.

True, it is worth noting that most of the architectural structures, with rare exceptions, have been lost over time. For this reason, the sights of Yerevan and its environs belong to a relatively recent period of history.

Its modern appearance was received by Yerevan in the years of Soviet power. The peculiarities of the geographical situation and local conditions became the basis of the general plan that Academician A. Tamanyan created in 1924. According to this plan, the city received a radial-circular layout in the central part. At the same time, modern Yerevan, whose sights and architectural monuments , if possible, tried to preserve, became a continuation of the general idea of A. Tamanyan.

What to see in Yerevan

In the center of the city is the Republic Square, which is unique both in its shape and in execution, it is created in an ancient mosaic style. Here are the famous singing fountains, fascinatingly changing their color, which is best admired in the evening or at night. The square houses the Government House and the buildings of several ministries, as well as the National Picture Gallery and the Museum of the History of Armenia.

Not far from the square is the analogue of the Moscow Arbat - North Boulevard with many boutiques and stylish restaurants, leading to the Opera House. In the district there are many squares, including the famous "Swan Lake"

Yerevan, whose attractions simply can not help but amaze with its beauty, attracts a great number of tourists every year. What is worth only the famous complex "Cascade", which is a whole system of stepped transitions, flower beds and fountains! "Cascade" connects the city center with Victory Park. It offers a magnificent view of the capital of Armenia and Mount Ararat.

Residents of the country love and know their history very well, carefully storing everything that Armenia is famous and famous for. Yerevan, whose sights are a confirmation, is rich in memorable places, belonging to different times and epochs. Among them are the Armenian Genocide Museum and Tsitsernakaberd Monument, the monument to the hero of the folk epic David Sasunsky, the city-fortress Erebuni, Matenadaran (book depository). Mesrop Mashtots. In addition, there are many churches in Yerevan - the church of St. Astvatsatsin, the church of St. Zhoravor, the church of St. Katogike, St. Sargis and many others.

Simultaneously, the ancient and at the same time young city of Yerevan, whose sights are a national treasure, is always glad to its guests arriving in the capital of Armenia and wishing to get to know this historical and cultural center more closely.

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