Babugan Yaila: the path to an impregnable summit

The Crimea is like a Mecca for a hiker. Some of its paths are ready to receive even the children in their hospitable embrace; after all, the rising generation must get used to the beautiful. And some routes require considerable skill, endurance, experience. Babugan Yaila is just such a place. Hikes there are considered difficult, they need to be carefully prepared, selecting the right shoes and clothes, paying attention to the weighting of the backpack and stocking everything in advance.

origin of name

As you might guess, the colorful name has Tatar roots, however, like many Crimean toponyms. Linguists say that the word "babugan" is translated as "wolf berry". Well, yaila means that it's not about one mountain, but about the whole massif, about a huge plateau. By and large, it is possible to characterize an egg as a steppe at a high altitude.


Babugan Yaila is the westernmost massif of the Main ridge of the mountains of the Crimean peninsula. Nearby there are other massifs bordering each other by passes. For example, from the Gurzuf Yail Babugan is separated by the Gurzuf saddle, by the Kibit pass from the Chatyr-Dag massif, and the Chuchelsky Pass connects Babugan with the Sinap-Dag ridge.

Record numbers

Babugan Yaila (Crimea) is famous for its "one and a half thousand" peaks, the height of which exceeds one and a half kilometer. The highest of them is the Roman-Kosh mountain, the peak of which reaches the mark at 1545 m above sea level. This makes it not only the highest mountain of the massif, but also on the entire peninsula.

Other famous peaks are no less attractive for lovers of mountains: Zeytin-Kosh, Tas-Tepe, Uchurum-Kaya, Dam-Kosh. In the east of the massif, the summits are more modest: Kush-Kaya (1335 m) and Cherkez-Kosh (1395 m). 8 of 11 Crimean mountains belong to the massif Babugan Yaila.

Nature and climate

The unique nature keeps a steppe charm. If you are told that in these places you can feel the breath of the ages, rest assured, this is the truth. The steppe is beautiful and clean, like it was hundreds of years ago.

The flat plateau on top of the jail is covered with vegetation typical for the steppe: grasses and shrubs. And the slopes are covered with trees, many of which reach impressive sizes. Preparing for travel, do not forget that at high altitude it is always colder. Even if the coastline crosses over +30, the mountains will be quite cool.

Amazing Fauna

Do you think that herds of light-legged gazelles or real deer can be seen only on TV? But no, the unique nature Babugan Yaila has become a haven for a huge number of animals and birds. You can admire them - of course, from afar. Many tourists are attracted by the fauna, which is famous for Babugan Yaila.

Photos of this place are similar to the pictures from the adventure novel. Do not be surprised that here you can overtake all sorts of adventures. For example, experienced tourists know that in addition to beauty, the nature of yail can conceal danger. Beware of snakes and large spiders, which are found in these parts in abundance. Do not go to Babugan in open shoes, it's uncomfortable and unsafe. However, there are no reasons for panic, because small animals are afraid of man and will not attack first. Do not disturb the inhabitants in vain, especially since many of them are listed in the Red Book.

Unapproachable top

Many tourists, the Crimean trails proceeding along and across, name Babugan Yajlu the most mysterious and inaccessible place. It's not about the steepness of blocking rocks, not in water obstacles and any other reasons of a natural nature. Simply these places are part of the reserve, which is under state protection. What would become of carefree roe deer or rare birds if everyone was given access to such a unique place as Babugan Yaila?

How to get to these edges, not even any Crimean knows. Too popular Babugan can not be called. Although it is not far from Alushta and Yalta, it will not be transported here, it will have to be left far below and most of the way is covered on foot. Excursions, inns and souvenir shops are not here, which means there is no advertising ...

However, an incredible view of the sea merging with the sky, the top of the Crimea Roman Kosh and the unique nature still attract the most desperate brave souls to these places. If you decide to get here on the road from Gurzuf or from Yalta Yaila, you will not succeed - you will not be missed. There are only animal paths and the ridge of the Horse. There is another way, more prolonged and difficult. It starts in Alushta and lies not far from the village of Nizhnyaya Kutuzovka. In the way, you will circle the Alushta reservoir and come to Yayla through the Garden cordon. Here begins a protected area.

When planning a route, count on one day. It is forbidden to spend the night in the reserve, let alone build bonfires. To get water and buy food you will also have nowhere. And what is the need to admire the beauty of the Crimea in the middle of the night? Illuminated by the rays Babugan Yaila simply amazes with beauty.

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