Serebryanskoe Reservoir (Murmansk Oblast) - description, features, photo

In the west of the Kola Peninsula is located Serebryanskoe Reservoir. The map below shows its coordinates. This reservoir was created in the Murmansk region in the 1970s on the Voron'ya River in parallel with the construction of the hydroelectric power station of the same name.

Short description

The water surface is an area of more than 550 square meters. Km, depth - 7.5 m, maximum width - 20 km, coastline - 157 km. These parameters show that the Serebryanskoe reservoir is quite large. It is of great importance for the surrounding areas.

When the reservoir was created 220 hectares of agricultural land was flooded, about 40 buildings were moved. The purpose of the construction of the reservoir is to regulate the movement of water between a number of hydroelectric power stations.

Natural features

Serebryanskoe reservoir is famous for its extraordinary nature. This area is a set of hills with gentle slopes, surrounded by slender birches and clear water. Fishermen can enjoy here an exercise for the soul: often there are burbot in the reservoir, trout, trout, perch, whitefish and pike. Some lucky people happened to see grayling! By the way, fishing is practiced on the boat, and from the shore.

Hunters, too, do not remain out of work: everyone can go for prey - white partridges and other game. Parents bring their children here to distract them from city life. All this area is surrounded by the cleanest air, bright dense forests and a variety of herbs that, during flowering, produce a heady aroma.


It is worth noting that the infrastructure on the coastline is not developed. Most of the newcomers spend the night here in tents. The Serebryanskoe reservoir is distinguished by an even surface of the earth, therefore it has a "wild" rest. Connoisseurs of this kind of tourism will enjoy the virgin nature.

But those who want to get the most comfortable rest, it is necessary to think over a place for spending the night in advance: the nearest hotels and hotels are in Murmansk. If absolutely necessary, you can try to negotiate with the inhabitants of Lovozero or Teriberka about the removal of the room for the necessary time. The recreation center and other complexes are not here.

An ideal place for connoisseurs of wildlife

The Serebryanskoe reservoir remains untouched by the human hand: there are not here, as on many ponds, beaches, equipment hire and transport. The local nature remains the most natural and pleasant for pastime.

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