Chinese restaurant "Tsaplya", Vladivostok

This restaurant was opened two years ago and has already won the recognition of the inhabitants of Vladivostok.

"Tsaplya": the atmosphere

Guests who enter the charming courtyard of this establishment immediately find themselves in modern China. Outside and inside the restaurant "Tsaplya" (Vladivostok) is made in the true Chinese style. Visitors enjoy a warm and pleasant atmosphere. By the way, the heron is a sacred and proud bird, so the Chinese believe. Therefore, the restaurant has several artificial birds that give the institution an exclusivity.


Restaurant "Tsaplya" (Vladivostok), is proud of the skill of its professional Chinese chef Wu Yulong, who knows how to surprise any guest. For the preparation of delicious dishes, he uses the oldest recipes and high-quality products. Traditional food is presented in a modernized, modern presentation. But the chef does not stand still, he studies Cantonese, Peking, Shandong and Sichuan cuisine in order to amaze gourmets with originality and non-standard.

As well as visitors can enjoy seafood dishes, the menu has almost thirty of their varieties, various cold appetizers and delicate desserts. On weekdays, from 12:00 to 16 pm, there are lunch discounts.

Dishes from the chef and the cost of one serving are listed below:

  • "Tsap-la" - 750 rubles.
  • Lamb leg - 1750 r.
  • Soup with shark fins - 1550 r.
  • Trepang with leek - 1990 p.
  • Duck in Beijing - 2050 r.

In the alcoholic menu you can find any drink - from beer to strong whiskey.

Restaurant "Tsaplya" (Vladivostok) consists of three halls:

  • Banquet, accommodating 150 people. It can hold various festive events, such as a birthday, a wedding, a meeting of alumni and the like.
  • VIP-hall for 10 people. It is designed for business meetings and corporate parties. In general, for those who need solitude, so that outsiders do not interfere with the negotiations or celebrations in their circle.
  • Hall with a dance floor. Here you can not only eat and drink with friends, but also dance under incendiary tracks from professional DJs and enjoy the sounds of live jazz music.

If you want to have dinner or spend an evening at the restaurant "Tsaplya", then you need to book the table in advance, because this institution is in demand among residents and visitors of the city, there is always crowded.

Restaurant Tsaplya (Vladivostok): guest reviews

Everyone who attended this institution, put a solid four and desire growth and improvement. Mark quality and fast service. And also they say that the whole city does not find better Chinese cuisine.

Restaurant Tsaplya (Vladivostok) is popular with tourists. Those who can not afford a trip to China, come here to enjoy the traditional cuisine and the atmosphere of this country.

"Tsaplya" is a restaurant (Vladivostok), which can be found at: ul. Frontier, house 10. It operates daily from 12:00 until 01:00 at night.

Come to the restaurant "Tsaplya" in Vladivostok, only in it you can experience all the charms of modern and ancient China.

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