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Time Out group is a legend of Russian rock

Own style - this is a particularly important component, which largely determines the success of the musical group. "Time Out" is a legendary team that managed to not only stand out among a number of other domestic rock bands, but created an absolute direction. The achievements of musicians and their work will be described in this article.

History of group appearance

Initially, the collective, which later became the "Time-Out", was called "Shock". Alexander Minaev was a soloist, A.Ludvipol played drums, brothers Andrei and Mikhail Melnikov answered the bass guitar and solo guitar. Soon after the formation of this group, Minaev met P. Molchanov, who appeared in a collective called Martin. Molchanov had difficulties in understanding with other participants of "Martin", therefore, without thinking twice, he agreed to the offer of the soloist of "Shok" and joined the new collective.

The first time the group "Time Out" gave in Makhachkala, where the musicians were urgently invited by the Dagestan State Philharmonic. An interesting fact: six months before the arrival of the collective in the Philharmonic there was already a group with the same name, but the musicians had a conflict with the leadership of the institution, as a result of which they were fired, and they had to recruit new members. Since the contracts have already been signed, the name decided not to change. So "Shock" turned into "Time Out".

The composition of the team changed several times. In 1992, it was finally formed: A. Minaev, P. Molchanov, Sergei Stepanov and Andrei Rodin. It is noteworthy that the musicians chose unusual nicknames for themselves and are known to their fans also as A. Zirnbirnstein, T. Puzda, G. Sikkorsky and A. Kislorodin.


The Time Out group is not only talented musicians, but also unique creative personalities. Minaev and Molchanov in 1990 came up with a whole "science" - motor science, "the science of kicks."

The history of its appearance boils down to the following. Pavel Molchanov once found in the garbage an old plate with the inscription "dentist" and decided to attach it to the door of his apartment. Unfortunately, the find was too large, its width was much larger than the width of the doorway, so the musician shortened the plate, removing the first syllable. So there was motor skills.

It should be explained the alternation of the letters a and o in the name of "science". Representatives of the media associated the word "matologue" with obscene expressions, so the members of the collective decided to replace the letter to avoid such a negative interpretation of their invention.

What is the purpose of this "science"? In order to enjoy your own performances even when no one listens to them. However, at any concert of the group the audience was not bored. Musicians often came up with various contests, effectively appeared on stage and arranged unforgettable bright and cheerful shows.

Team members

A. Minaev is one of the founders of the group. He performed in the "Shock", later renamed "Time Out". In addition to the function of the soloist, which he performs when performing compositions at concerts, the musician also plays the guitar. It was thanks to Minaev in the team appeared Pavel Molchanov, the founder of motor science, as mentioned above.

Sergei Stepanov came to the group after his performances in it was completed by the virtuoso guitarist V. Pavlov, who left in 1992 to Germany. Before that, Stepanov was a member of the "Legion", with whom Time Out often went on tour. The musician is the second soloist and guitarist.

Roman Mukhachev is another soloist who plays the synthesizer and accordion. He acted in the team in 1994-1995, then for a time left the band, but then returned.

The Time Out band could not exist without a drummer. Such a person is Andrei Rodin, who plays under the pseudonym of Archimandrite Kislorodin. He came to the band shortly before recording the second album called "Medical equipment" and since then he has been responsible for the drums.

Interesting Facts

The Time Out group is an extraordinary phenomenon even for the revolutionary era of the 90's. The musicians held a real show at every concert. If we put together all the above facts, it is not surprising that the team reached the North Pole. It was there that one of the most famous performances of the band took place on 21.04.1995 at a temperature of -38 ° C. About hundred people attended the concert, it lasted 12 minutes and was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. "Time Out" is the only group in the history of music that managed to perform in such harsh conditions.


The songs of "Time Out" group were formed into 12 albums, which enjoyed incredible popularity among listeners and fans of the band. The first CD with compositions appeared in 1989 and was called "We love you". The subsequent albums featured original titles that completely reflected the unique style of the musicians and their own philosophy of life and creativity.

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