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XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Passage. Advice

Strategies are one of the most popular genres, which requires a gamer of special tactical thinking. Such games are incredibly successful and collect a huge number of fans. Remember at least the same "Dotu-2" (MOBA - a sub-genre of strategies), in which more than a million people play daily. In addition, as an example, you can bring the legendary series of Total War. The last part, called Total War: Attila sold a huge edition and received flattering reviews from the players and reputable publishers. Watching the success of the genre of strategy, one can not help asking: why do not tactical games appear on the console?

Game consoles and strategies?

Shooters, racing, fighting games - all this on the consoles a dime a dozen. But why does not PlayStation 3 have the same Total War, Dota 2? The answer to this question you will find in this article.

Perhaps the main reason why the strategy does not go to the console is management. In tactical games, you need to act quickly: instantly give orders, in seconds, allocate a group of units, build various structures, constantly navigate the map, etc. Unfortunately, this can not be done with a gamepad. The mouse and keyboard in this regard are much more convenient. However, you can not connect the computer peripherals to the console at this time. And in the future it is unlikely there will be such an opportunity. Does this mean that the strategy will never be visited by gaming consoles?

And here not!

It is difficult to make a strategy for consoles, but it is possible. For example, for the same PS3 already came out projects such as Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants, Dungeon Siege III, Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution and others. However, these games have not won popularity and failed on sales. Are console strategies a dead genre? So it was until 2012, while developers from the studio Firaxis Games did not announce their new project called XCOM: Enemy Unknown The Complete Edition. The game was developed in the genre of turn-based strategy and was released on the console of that time (PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360). The developers said that they have improved the management, so that playing with the gamepad will be much more convenient. In addition, many new gameplay "chips" have been announced. Did the developers manage to keep all their promises and make an ideal strategy for consoles? How did the gaming community take the new XCOM: Enemy Unknown? The review, which is presented in this article, will help to answer these questions.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Enemy Unknown - the ideological heiress of the legendary UFO Defense, which for many years was considered the best game for the PC. But the new part of the franchise is also not a shit. Game XCOM: Enemy Unknown at first glance is very similar to its predecessor (with the exception of modern graphics). However, it seems so only in the beginning. With time comes the realization that the new part surpasses UFO Defense literally in everything. The mass of missions, more interesting and deep gameplay, class division, exciting plot and many new chips - all this is in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Passage of the game causes a lot of emotions. Do you want to know more about each aspect of the game? Read this article!


The game takes place in 2015. The Earth is attacked by alien invaders. The player will visit the role of commander of the secret international organization XCOM, which is fighting against space invaders. Despite the fact that XCOM uses the most advanced technologies and the brightest minds of mankind work, the odds are still on the aliens' side. Therefore, to enter an open battle the forehead does not come out. To win, it is necessary to use tactical maneuvers, cunning and insidiousness.


Gameplay in XCOM: Enemy Unknown can be divided into two parts: strategic and tactical components.

The strategic part of the game is to locate and develop the headquarters of XCOM. Initially, the player is given the opportunity to choose the location on which the future base will be located. It will depend on this, what advantages will be obtained directly from the start. For example, by placing the headquarters in the right place, you can get a bonus in the form of additional cash inflow, etc. In the course of the game, the base can be developed, completed, erected new premises, etc. This part of the game is very similar to classical strategies like Civilization.

The tactical part is more dynamic. It is a step-by-step battle with the aliens, which takes place in real time. That is, the player controls every action of his troops. In XCOM: Enemy Unknown, there are a lot of interesting chips that make fights much more entertaining and interesting. The fog of war, the destructibility of the environment, the line of sight of the enemy, the reaction of the units to the appearance of new enemies - all this is realized in this game.


In Enemy Unknown a system of class division of units has appeared. Its essence lies in the fact that each character belongs to one or another class. There are 5 types of units in the game: psionic, stormtrooper, sniper, heavy infantryman and support soldiers. Each of them has its own peculiarities, advantages and disadvantages. So, the sniper, being at the right distance, is able to destroy dozens of enemies. However, in close combat, he is rather weak and, most likely, will die at the very beginning of the bout. The ability to combine classes in order to create the ideal team is the main goal of the whole game.


In general, the game fell in love with both critics and ordinary gamers. This strategy received a rating of 90% on Game Rankings. And in "Stim" the number of positive responses about XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Russian version) is as much as 95%. If we talk about foreign and domestic publishers, then the game also received positive ratings (the average is 9 out of 10). And financially, the project proved to be quite successful. On the first day of XCOM: Enemy Unknown The Complete Edition sold more than 100,000 copies. In the end, we can say that the revival of the legendary series was a great success.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Many people think that the strategies are rather slow, so it's quite easy to play them. This is a mistaken opinion. In the example, you can bring the same XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Passing well will shake the nerves of even experienced players. In order to facilitate the gameplay in this part of the article, we will consider useful recommendations and tips that will help to survive in the world of XCOM.

You can not let your team die. When fighters kill aliens, they gain experience, rank and new abilities, which will be very useful in the future. If the most experienced fighters lie in battle with the aliens, then in the next mission will have to recruit new recruits, who are much weaker than soldiers who have been hardened in combat.

Quimperity is the path to victory. Snipers in XCOM play a very important role and can even change the outcome of the battle. If you place an experienced shooter on an elevated location, then he can kill twice as many enemies as other units. What is there to talk about the capabilities of this class! The sniper even has a skill, having pumped which, you can shoot twice. And both shots will be lethal for the enemy.

Support classes, or support, are very important. In the course of the game, soldiers will often get injured (especially in long story assignments). Therefore, it is very important to have a physician in your team, and better than two.

A huge number of long and complex missions - that's what XCOM is famous for: Enemy Unknown. Passage of some of them can take a lot of time. Therefore, in order not to start the game first in the event of the death of the team, it is necessary to keep more often. Saves are best done at key points or after passing a difficult mission fragment.

Do not save energy and save. As a rule, the majority of players die due to the fact that they were zealous in time to use this or that ability. Do not step on the same rake. The abilities of the characters must be applied immediately, as this opportunity appears. It is worth remembering that a living fighter without missiles is much better than dead with two non-activated ones.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Cheats

For those who encounter problems during the passage, the developers have created special secret characters, through which the passage of the game will become much easier. How to get these characters in XCOM: Enemy Unknown? Cheats, which can be viewed below, will help to open bonus characters.

To get bonus characters, you must enter the appropriate name when creating the character. What is most interesting: every bonus unit is a person existing in real life. For example, if you call your character Joe Kelly (a popular comic book writer who once wrote stories about Superman, Spiderman, etc.) a heavy soldier will be unlocked. And if you write Otto Zander (a popular flyer, who shot a video on the X-COM UFO) - will open the attack aircraft. The name Ken Levine (one of the developers of "Bioshoka") unlocks the sniper. Well, the combination of Sid Meier (the creator of such strategies as Pirates, Civilizations, etc.) will open a support.

Secret characters have new skins (looks like a real prototype) and improved abilities, characteristics. This will greatly facilitate the process of passing XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Codes, unfortunately, are not encouraged by the developers. What does it mean? A special system has been introduced into the game. If you use the codes listed above for XCOM: Enemy Unknown codes, it will become impossible to get achivoks, various achievements. Therefore, it is best to play the game on your own.


Mods are additions to the computer game, which are designed to make it more versatile. Fans have created a huge number of modifications specifically for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Mods for this game can be divided into graphic and gameplay.

Graphic modes change the visual part of the game (textures, locations, graphics). One of the most interesting graphic modifications can be called Military Retexture Pack. This assembly completely replaces the standard textures of characters on the author's. New textures are very similar to real people, which gives the game more realism. Also worth mentioning is an assembly called XCOM Graphics Enhancement with SweetFX. In fact, this modification is a small set of shaders that adds various animated effects. However, in the game it looks very beautiful.

Gameplay modifications affect the gameplay, add new aspects or completely change the essence of the game. Unfortunately, for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the fashion of such a plan is quite rare. One of the most popular modifications is Aetius Classic Rebalanced. This mod changes almost everything in the game and brings its gameplay closer to the good old XCOM UFO. Modification for sure will have a liking for those who miss the old school strategy or just decided to ponostalgirovat.

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