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"Hello, I'm your aunt": actors and roles, photo

A special place among the comedies of the Soviet period is the picture "Hello, I'm your aunt." Actors and the director of the project almost for the first time in the history of Soviet cinema turned to the comic reception of men's disguise as a woman, and also joked in the frame on very naughty topics. Who of the Soviet actors decided on such experiments and what famous names were members of the crew?

Film crew

The director of the immortal comedy about Donna Rosa from Brazil was Viktor Titov. Titov for his long career has created not one wonderful film: "Leave at Your Own expense" with Igor Kostolevsky in the title role; "Quadrille", in which Love Polischuk and Oleg Tabakov starred. And, of course, the best film by the director can rightly be considered a comedy "Hello, I'm your aunt."

The script for the film was also written by Titov, having reworked the play "Aunt Charley" by the authorship of Brandon Thomas. Curated the project film company "Screen".

Behind the camera stood Georgy Rerberg, who also directed the films "Uncle Vanya" Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky and "12 chairs" by Mark Zakharov. Music for the eccentric comedy was written by Vladislav Kazenin, who used to work on musical accompaniment to cartoons (Burenushka, Lesnye Skazki).

In the performing composition of the picture "Hello, I'm your aunt," the actors were very well-known: Alexander Kalyagin, Mikhail Kozakov and many other stars of the Soviet screen.

Short story

The actors in the movie "Hello, I'm Your Aunt" play an absurd but ridiculous story for 98 minutes in front of the viewer, in the center of which is the poor Babs Baberley.

Babs - unemployed, who wanders through the streets. Soon after Babs the policemen get in touch. Hiding from them, he disguises himself as a woman and breaks into Jackie Chesney's house. Just at this moment, Jackie and his friend Charlie expect from Brazil the aunt of the latter - Donna Rosa.

By mistake, friends accept Babs for that very Brazilian billionaire. But even when the truth is revealed, Jackie and Charlie are not going to let go of Baberlea just like that, because they need to introduce their family to Donna Rosa, who should help young friends in one piquant affair.

Jackie is annoyed, but he comes up with the idea of dressing Baberlea with a woman and giving out to Aunt Charlie. Controlling Baberley, Jackie hopes to solve a number of family issues in his favor. Only now nobody thinks at this moment about the possible consequences of such a "joke".

"Hello, I'm your aunt": actors. Photo and biography of Alexander Kalyagin

The main role in the comedy of V. Titov went to the famous Soviet actor - Alexander Kalyagin. Kalyagin at that time already starred in 10 films, however, the role of the central characters to him so never and not instructed. The comedy "Hello, I'm your aunt," whose actors after the premiere woke up famous, immediately brought Kalyagin to the category of the most sought-after domestic artists.

The character Babs Baberley performed by Alexander Kalyagin looks extremely charming and comical. His sayings immediately spread to aphorisms: "I'll kiss you. Later. If you want, "" Don Pedro, oh! It was such a man "and many other phrases. Of course, it is necessary to pay tribute to the writer's work, but if Kalyagin did not voice this text with such irony and comicism, many phrases might go unnoticed for the viewer.

After the main role in V. Titov's comedy, Kalyagin received many more central roles: in the film adaptation of "The Unfinished Piece for a Mechanical Piano", in the film "Faith and Truth", in the television series "Poor Nastya" and the comedies "Rud and Sam."

"Hello, I'm your aunt": actors and roles. Tamara Nosova

Tamara Nosova is a famous comic actress, whose career flourished in the 1950s. last century. Then Tamara conquered the audience with her charming characters from the "Inspector General" Vladimir Petrov, "Carnival Night" Eldar Ryazanov and the fairy tale "The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors."

In the movie "Hello, I'm your aunt," most of the actors appeared in their typical roles, but Nosova went beyond the usual screen image of her. Never Tamara Makarovna did not play seductive beauties. But in the comedy "Hello, I'm your aunt" she had such an opportunity: the actress got the role of a charming Brazilian millionaire, a real aunt Charlie Wakem. Nosova paced in a shot in a gorgeous suit and graciously accepted the courtship of the men who had been killed on the spot.

At that time, the screen career of the artist was already on the wane. The last of her role in the cinema Nosova played in 1999 in the movie almanac "To joke please?".

Tatyana Vedeneeva as Ella

In the comedy "Hello, I'm your aunt," the cast was not without the recognized beauty of Soviet cinema - Tatiana Vedeneeva. The girl got the role of Ella - a pupil of Donna Rosa. It is in the beauty of Ellu that the main character falls in love - Babs Baberley. Babs' love is both comical and tragic at the same time, because he can never be near to his object of sighing.

The role of Tatyana Vedeneeva is short and can be said to be sporadic. But the actress was lucky in 1973, when she was still a student invited to the main role in the film adaptation of Shakespeare's work "A lot of noise from nothing." Then the partners of the actress on the set were Galina Loginova and Konstantin Raikin.

A little later the girl appeared in such films as "Sergeant of the Militia", "Hello Doctor," "This we did not pass." Since 2000, the actress often appears on Russian television as a leading program.

Valentin Gaft as Brassette

The film "Hello, I'm your aunt," the actors and roles in which have subdued the hearts of the audience, has become one of the most successful screen works by Valentin Gaft.

Gaft has been acting in films since 1956. The number of films with his participation can not be counted. He collaborated with the most eminent Russian and Soviet filmmakers: with Eldar Ryazanov on the set of "Old Nags" and "Garage", with Tatiana Lioznova on the set of "Seventeen Moments of Spring", with Constantine Bromberg in "Wizards", with Pyotr Todorovsky on the set " Anchor, still an anchor! ".

In the comedy of V. Titov, Gaft received the role of Brasset's butler. The imperturbability of the footman, as well as his propensity for alcoholism, amuse the viewer throughout the film. And although the character appears frame not so often, the image of it turned out to be quite "voluminous" and holistic.

Valentin Gaft is actively withdrawn today, despite the fact that he turned 80 years old. In 2015, a film with the participation of the actor "Milky Way" was released, in 2011 Gaft played Mendel Hersh in a criminal film about the biography of Mishka Yaponchik.

Oleg Shklovsky as Jackie Chesney

The actors who played in the movie "Hello, I'm your aunt," gained wide popularity among the Soviet audience. Not an exception and Oleg Shklovsky. Before filming in the comedy of Viktor Titov Oleg starred in only three films: "My Island", "The Dog of the Baskervilles" and "The Visit of Courtesy." But after the release of the screen "Hello, I'm your aunt," where the actor played cunning Jackie Chesney, Shklovsky began to appear in the movies much more often.

In the 75th, the actor participates in the filming of the television performance "Twelfth Night", and in the 85th he plays an episodic role in the film "Winter Evening in Gagra". Shklovsky was given a larger role in the famous gangster comedy "Deja Vu". One of the last known works of the actor is the role of George Uryadov in the long-playing soap "Do not be born beautiful".

As for Shklovsky's work in the comedy Titov, his character Jackie Chesney is cunning and selfish. He is ready to give an unknown rascal for a billionaire, the fool of his father and everyone around, just to achieve their hidden goals. In this case, the young man does not even care about the consequences of his trick.

Mikhail Kozakov in the role of Francis Chesney

Francis Chesney - one of the most colorful characters in the picture "Hello, I'm your aunt." The name of the actor who played the retired colonel is Mikhail Kozakov.

Mikhail Kozakov is not only a famous Soviet actor ("Eugenia Grande"), but also a talented director ("Pokrovsky Gate"). His character, Francis Chesney, is an aged Lovelace, who also went bankrupt. In order to continue to lead the usual riotous way of life, Colonel Francis is ready to take care of the depraved Rosa, who Babs Baberley is pretending to be.

The most memorable phrase of Colonel Chesney: "I am an old soldier, and I do not know the words of love ...". Of course, at the end of the movie, the colonel is in for a great disappointment when he finds out that he was not courting the lady, and even more so, the "lady" was actually.

Mikhail Lubeznov as Charlie

The role of the weak-minded and timid Charlie - the nephew of Donna Rosa - went to the actor Mikhail Lubeznov. Unfortunately, Lubeznov died early and in his filmography there are only four films: "Cross the threshold" by Richard Viktorov, "The man in his place" Alexei Sakharov, the eccentric comedy of Viktor Titov and the comedy drama of his production "Adam marries Eve."

Other performers of roles

But on this list of celebrities who took part in the shooting of the film does not end.

The role of the bride, Charlie Annie, was performed by Tatiana Vasilyeva ("The most charming and attractive", "Waiting for a miracle"). For the actress, this was one of the first works in the cinema. Since then, the popularity of Vasilyeva has grown significantly. She is the owner of the awards "Nika", "Golden Aries" and the prize of the festival "Kinotavr" for their work in the cinema.

Actress Galina Orlova played girlfriend Annie and beloved Jackie Chesney - Betty. Galina Orlova is not as impressive filmography as her colleagues: only 13 films. "Hello, I'm your aunt" - the most famous of all the works of the actress.

Armen Djigarkhanyan also appeared in the episodes. This time he got the role of an avid judge, who by all the truths and crooks tries to seduce the "lime" millionaire performed by Alexander Kalyagin. Dzhigarkhanyan, as however and always, looks bright and interesting in the frame. And his character and syllable aphorisms: "Bastard! Call the lady sir!", "She loves to drink .It needs to take advantage of this." Jigarkhanyan's filmography has more than a hundred films, but his role in the comedy of V. Titov can rightfully be considered one of the best in the actor's piggy bank.

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