What is the norm of blood pressure and how to measure it correctly?

The heart acts as a motor, sending blood through the vessels, and in the large arteries of the circulatory system there is a pressure drop that promotes the progress and distribution of blood throughout the body. The norm of arterial pressure is when its two indicators (systolic and diastolic) correspond to the age indices in both the upper (systolic) and lower (diastolic) levels.

Systole is the pressure of the blood at the moment of contraction of the heart at maximum stress. Diastole is the moment in the work of the heart, when it is as relaxed as possible. Blood pressure, upper and lower, is measured in millimeters, marked on a mercury column, as in a thermometer. When the pressure level is 120/80 mm. Gt; You can go to space, because for the human body - this is the norm of blood pressure.

Do not make a diagnosis instead of a doctor

It is necessary to measure pressure in the elderly. There is nothing difficult in this procedure, we will dwell on this in more detail below. But to measure the pressure is one thing, but to make a diagnosis and independently prescribe the treatment is quite another. Take the same pills that a girlfriend or neighbor, it is not necessary.

The norm of arterial pressure for each age and individual is determined by the doctor, as well as the degree of damage to the internal organs in the case of hypertension. When the blood pressure is constantly increased, the risk that diseases - heart, cerebral circulation, leg vessels, ischemia or stroke, kidney failure or eyes - will increase many times.

How often and how to measure blood pressure

This issue for each person should be addressed individually. At a young age, there is no need to measure it often, and a pensioner with high blood pressure should measure it more than once a day. Normal pressure is considered when it has an upper index of less than 130 mm Hg, and the lower one is less than 85. Hypertension is determined even when the pressure exceeds 140/99 mm Hg. And higher, the degree of its development is determined by the doctor.

The norm of arterial pressure is not a constant value, it can vary with age. Even during the day, the pressure may increase or decrease from the physical, emotional state, from what medicines the person has taken.

Then follow the recommendations how to properly measure blood pressure:

  • You need to sit down and relax. If a person lies, the hand should be stretched along the body.
  • Do not eat for an hour or half an hour before measuring the pressure, take medicine or smoke.
  • After a person quietly sit for 5 minutes, you can measure the pressure.
  • When a person is sitting, it is better to lean on the back of the chair. The location of the cuff should be at the level of the heart.
  • If the pressure is measured in the supine position, you need to put something under your arm to make it also at the heart level.
  • You can not talk or move sharply, change the position of the body.
  • When carrying out a series of measurements, it is necessary to make intervals, loosen the compressive arm of the cuff and conduct the next measurement in 1-2 minutes.
  • Bracelets, watches or jewelry need to be removed, it is desirable to apply the cuff to the exposed arm (if it is Korotkov's tonometer ). If it is electronic, then the cuff is put on the wrist.
  • The reading from the hand on which the highest pressure is detected is taken into account.
  • Sometimes the pressure rises only because it is measured by a doctor, this is called the "white coat" syndrome, so 2-3 indications will not be superfluous.
  • Children have a pressure different from adults. Therefore, special children's tags are placed on the apparatus, there are children's cuffs. Measure the pressure in the clinic for children.
  • For elderly hypotension and those who are familiar with postural hypotension (sudden fluctuations in pressure when standing up), you need to measure the pressure of both sitting and lying down.

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