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Frequent ringing or noise in the ears - this is not a disease, but only a symptom of some disease, so to speak, "the first bell." If there was a ringing in the ears, the cause must be determined immediately.
Ear noise is subjective and objective. Subjective noise is scientifically called tinnitus (which in Latin means "ringing"). A person suffering from tinnitus often hears whistling, hissing, ringing, rustle, buzzing, pulsation and other noises arising on their own, without an external focus of real sounds.
Objective ear or head noise can be heard not only by the patient, but also by the doctor. There are special devices that can register such a ringing in the ears. The reasons for it are the following:

• Vascular, which arise from the not quite typical arrangement of vessels, stenosis of the arteries, arteriovenous shunts, venous noise, cardiac malformations, middle ear tumors;
• neuromuscular, appearing from the gaping of the auditory tube, frequent contraction of the muscles of the middle ear, and also otoacoustic emission;
• and, finally, the musculo-articular, the cause of which is the presence of a crunch in the temporomandibular joint.

Most often, people who crossed the 40-year mark suffer from ear noise. Tinnitus may appear in a person who hears perfectly. But in most cases, such a pathology affects people with different forms and degrees of deafness.
90% of the entire population at least once in life, but experienced a short ear ring. But about 10% of the rest of the people hear in the ears for several minutes, it can be repeated several times a day. Sometimes it turns into a real problem - noise prevents you from living peacefully, causes constant discomfort, stress, depression, disability. In rare cases, suicide is also an attempt at suicide. The reasons for the noise are as follows:

• constant loud noise present at work or at home;
• Various auditory diseases of any part of the auditory analyzer, that is, otosclerosis, sulfur plug, external otitis of the NST, tumors of the tympanic cavity, fistula, labyrinthitis, acutrauma, exostoses, otitis media, Meniere's disease and many others;
• disorders of the cervical spine;
• taking ototoxic agents;
• Tumors of the brain;
• diseases of the temporomandibular joint;
• autoimmune processes;
• cardiovascular diseases;
• viral infections that cause the same pain in the ears and other diseases.

Also, noise in the ears provokes alcohol, caffeine, smoking, depression, stress and other harmful factors.
Some people suffer from chronic noise in the ears. Once emerged, this noise continues to torment a person for six months, or even more. In such cases, a very thorough examination of the patient is necessary in order to identify the cause of the disease.
In our time, almost any disease can be cured, even such an uneasy as ringing in the ears. Treatment begins with a visit to the doctor, who should conduct the examination and put the patient diagnosed, and then appoint a course of treatment. If noise in the ears disturbs a person only sometimes, then you can try to listen to relaxing music; Take sedatives; Not to visit for a while a place where there is a loud noise - nightclubs, discos, subways, manufacturing enterprises; Stop taking ototoxic drugs; Start eating foods with a lower content of sodium and salt, since salt causes a circulatory disturbance; If possible, the use of tobacco, coffee, beverages containing alcohol should be excluded.
Do not ignore such a manifestation of the body as ringing in the ears. The reasons by which it is caused can be quite serious, requiring compulsory medical intervention.

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