Park Hotel Berendey (Tambov): rest, prices and reviews of tourists

Have you noticed how wildlife has a positive impact on humans? It is worth to come to the forest or to be near a pond, how you begin to feel calm and tranquility surrounded by sounds of the environment. You really relax away from densely populated cities and highways. That is why most of the hotel complexes and health resorts began to be built away from the noisy megacities, so that people could give themselves completely to the state of peace and euphoria.

Country hotel "Berendey" (Tambov) is no exception, it is right in the middle of a relic pine forest, near the river. At the same time, only 20 km are separated from the busy city life. In this paradise, a person comes to a state of equilibrium under the sound of the surf, bewitching birds singing and the "breath" of the wind. Nature is a cradle for us with you, from which you do not want to leave.


Under permanent video surveillance and security is the park-hotel "Berendey" (Tambov). The territory is spacious, clean and cozy, fenced and planted with numerous green shrubs. Reliable and hospitable staff strictly follows the order, thanks to this there are no fights and conflicts. For the convenience and comfort of guests, the territory is constantly treated with special means from different insects. For private cars, there is free parking.


Recreation center "Berendey" (Tambov) consists of 20 well-appointed two-storeyed villas with all necessary amenities and communications. There are no failures with water supply and heating. In the cold season, radiators work. For a comfortable stay, there are warm floors and water heaters.

All cottages have a private bathroom. Only one married couple is settled in the house, so no one and nothing will disturb peace. Even insects will not penetrate into your cozy "nest", as mosquito nets stand on the windows. This is especially true for couples with children. On the first floor you will find an entrance hall, a living room and a bathroom with a shower.

The second floor consists of a spacious bedroom. In addition to modern interior and upholstered furniture, the houses have household appliances with cutlery, as well as TV with satellite channels. It is allowed to bring small pets (in advance warning).


The price includes three meals a day according to the European buffet system. When the hotel "Berendey" (Tambov) is full, dishes are served portion by piece. At the same time the cuisine is varied, high-quality and tasty. Tables break with food. If you want, you can ask for diet food. The staff is very attentive to the children, so if your baby is fastidious in eating, then something special will be done for him. Try the delicacies you are invited to the restaurant. Connoisseurs of high-quality and expensive alcohol are waiting for a bar.


The hotel complex "Berendey" (Tambov) is within walking distance from the river. Therefore, in summer, the main entertainment for visitors is bathing. The coast is sandy. Every day it is removed from debris and stones. The road to the beach runs through a picturesque bridge, which is illuminated at night.

In the free disposal of tourists comfortable sunbeds and sunshades. There is a volleyball net on the beach , rental of sports equipment for winter and summer fun (catamarans, boats, ATVs, fishing gear, skis). Not far from the river there is a holy spring with drinking water.


The main advantage of the Berendey tourist base (Tambov) is the opportunity to retire, escape from the intense rhythm of life, stay at peace, while enjoying all the benefits of civilization, which is very important for a comfortable stay. There are no noisy parties and discos, but every evening there are animation shows and contests.

On a well-groomed territory it is allowed to fry shish kebabs or prepare other delicious delicacies for a barbecue. What rest can be without a Russian bath with real brooms? All this you will find in the hotel. For those who do not represent their lives without sports, there is a gym.

At the service of guests - a spacious tennis court and sports grounds. There are billiards, darts, paintball and air hockey. You can always interestingly and fun to organize your leisure. In winter, there are ski runs. The guest house has a tour desk. Tourists are offered hiking, biking, water and car tours around the local surroundings.

An experienced guide will introduce tourists to the culture, history and sights of the region. Here, too, solemn events are held, including children's morning performances and birthday parties. Experienced staff organize a party at the highest level with clowns, animators and jokes.

For children

For children up to three years of age, the stay is absolutely free. Qualitatively thought out children's leisure. A playground with a hill and a swing is built on the street. There is a play area where the children can communicate, draw and sculpt under the care of the tutor (only in the summer). For feeding high chairs are given in the dining room of the Berendey Hotel (Tambov).

How to get to the destination?

On the railway transport: get a ticket for the evening flight Moscow-Tambov and arrive at the base early in the morning.

On your own car: move along the Moscow-Volgograd highway (450 km) or drive to the south-east of Moscow to the ring Tambov. Travel time is about 6 hours.

This concludes the description of such a popular hotel. It would be desirable to notice, that worthy alternative to expensive foreign resorts is the recreation center "Berendey" (Tambov). Reviews of tourists say that this place is fascinating from the first minutes. Every detail here is carefully thought out. The living conditions are simply delightful.

Therefore, often come here with babies. Pleasantly surprised by the prices - the night costs in the range of 2000 r. (With food). Many tourists appreciated the professionalism, attentiveness and sincerity of the staff. After such a fruitful vacation home, you come back enthusiastic, full of energy and new ideas.

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