How to find out the tax arrears of individuals by TIN?

In the modern world, every citizen must make timely payments of taxes and all kinds of fees. Responsible residents of the state carry out this procedure on their own without any reminders from the relevant services. However, most can and do not guess that they are listed a certain amount of commitment. It should be remembered that even if the employer itself is engaged in the necessary procedures of deductions, this does not mean that you are insured against arrears.

What to do?

In the event that you are not sure of the correctness of the above deductions, you can independently know the debts of individuals, that is, ordinary citizens. This can be done by contacting the Federal Tax Service (FTS) or visiting their official website. However, before you get the data you need, you need to know your Taxpayer Identification Number. After that, you will only have to enter the received digital code, as well as the name and the resource of the site will show all the required information. Thus, it is possible to find out the arrears of individuals' taxes by TIN easily and quickly.

Advantages of personal cabinet

In addition to all of the above, viewing the obligations on the official website provides the user with the following additional features:

  1. A citizen can find out the tax arrears by TIN.
  2. Monitor the status of your accounts and make calculations.
  3. Contact the tax authorities without personally visiting the above services.
  4. Download forms of declarations.
  5. It is possible to print tax receipts and notices.
  6. Find out the status of checking previously filed declarations.

In addition, if you want to pay the tax arrears of individuals by TIN, then this procedure can also be performed on the above-described electronic resource.

How to do it?

Earlier in the article, the advantages of using the official site of the Federal Tax Service and a private office in particular were discussed. However, many may not know how to apply the knowledge gained. For example, it is necessary to find out the tax arrears of individuals by TIN. How can this be done? First you should go to the site itself. After that, you will see a division into three categories of citizens: individuals and legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. You must select the group that you belong to. In this case, the option of individuals is considered. Therefore, you must select the appropriate tab.

After updating the page, you will be able to see the friendly inscription "I'm interested" and the many options for replies under it. For example, "find out your tax ID", "get a tax deduction", "the procedure for creating an account abroad," "filing complaints to the relevant authorities," and much more. Of course, here you can find out the tax arrears of individuals by TIN. Thus, you can visit only one site and learn a lot of new, useful and interesting.

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