Taxes on transport in Kazakhstan. How to check the tax on transport in Kazakhstan? Terms of payment of transportation tax in Kazakhstan

In this article we will be interested in taxes on transport. In Kazakhstan and other regions, he came a long time. And still many people are worried. After all, late payment of all possible payments and taxes entails certain consequences. They will certainly draw your attention to the tax authorities. But what are we talking about? With what tax are we dealing? How to correctly calculate and pay for it? All this will be discussed later.


What is the tax on transport? In Kazakhstan and other regions, he came a very long time. And fell on the heads of taxpayers. This payment does not suit many, but it is difficult to hide from it.

Why? The thing is that the transport tax is an annual payment that is levied on the owners of motor vehicles. It is paid by all citizens who have reached the age of 18 years. But it is important - the transport tax is levied directly from the owner. If you do not have a car, you do not have to worry about paying it.

We are dealing with a regional tax. It is established individually in each subject. There are some similarities, but nevertheless payment for the same transport will differ in amount.

Not for all

There are some categories of citizens who are entitled to partial or full exemption from this payment for one reason or another. Most often it is about benefits. Each region establishes its own rules in this respect.

So, for example, veterans and Heroes of the Soviet Union can not pay taxes on transportation in Kazakhstan. Here you can also include disabled people (2 and 1 group), as well as companies that handle people (mainly transportation) with disabilities. Those who are engaged in the creation and rehabilitation of roads, too, do not pay a tax on transport.

And pensioners and large families have the right to a discount. In the amount of 10 to 90%, depending on the situation. Most often they receive 50% in the form of a discount for transport tax. But this rule applies only to one car. Such rules are in force at the moment.

Components of calculation

But how to calculate the transportation tax in Kazakhstan and other regions? It is not so difficult to do this. The main thing is to know what kind of data you need. And to learn only a few formulas that will be remembered very quickly and simply.

For a start about the components. What is the tax on transport? From the tax rate, as well as from the base. In some cases, the time is also played by the ownership of your vehicle (when in possession of less than a year) and the so-called raising factor (for luxury cars with a cost of 3 million rubles).

The tax rate is the cost of one horsepower in the engine. It is this indicator that is set individually on an annual basis in all regions. There are special tables in which you can see the actual information for your locality. Be interested in it immediately before the calculations.

Base - the amount of horsepower in the engine of transport. These data can be taken from the vehicle for a vehicle. They usually do not cause problems.

Increasing factor is a special multiplier that appears in luxury transport. It serves for passenger cars, if their cost is from 3 million rubles. In all regions the coefficient remains the same, but it can be changed at this or that time period. Usually it can be found together with tax rates in your region.


Need to calculate taxes on transport? In Kazakhstan, there are several formulas that will help to quickly solve the question posed to us. There are only 4 of them, but you need to remember, perhaps, only one. The rest are modifications.

The standard calculation formula - the tax base is multiplied by the tax rate in your region in this or that year. And you get the amount due. The second option is useful if you own a transport less than a year. Then the standard formula is multiplied additionally by the digit obtained from dividing the months into which you are controlling the car by 12.

For luxury cars, there are also two layouts. If the transport in your property for more than a year, then it is sufficient to multiply the standard formula by increasing the coefficient. The result is the amount due. When you operate the car for less than 12 months, you will have to multiply by the coefficient the second option of calculations. That's all - nothing difficult.


What are the terms of payment of the transportation tax in Kazakhstan? Here you can divide the case into two parts. The first is direct reporting. It is expressed in the form of filing a declaration with the tax authorities. Reporting to the state is necessary until April 30 of each year. In this case, the declaration is filed for the previous year. That is, in 2014 for 2013, and in 2015 for 2014 and so on.

The second part is the direct payment of the tax. It is paid until December 31 of the year following the one for which reporting is available. Most often, taxpayers make advance payments - up to 30.04 (together with filing a declaration).


You can find out the transportation tax in Kazakhstan and other regions in several ways. Everyone has the right to choose what he will like to taste. The first variant of the development of events is a direct appeal to the tax authorities. They will give you information about all your debts.

The second option is the use of the portal "State services". How to check the tax on transport in Kazakhstan in this scenario? Register on this site, and then in the search box after authorization, type: "Transport tax". Select: "Search by TIN" and enter there your individual number. You can click on "Search". Done - the screen will display information about your debt.

Still think how to check the transport tax in Kazakhstan? Then use the service "Payment of public services." Registration is not required, just look for a debtor by TIN. In an electronic wallet with a similar request, you will see debts.

How to pay

So, you learned the taxes on transport. Now there are many payment methods in Kazakhstan and Russia. Among them, you can consider both cash and non-cash settlement. The second is in great demand. To pay taxes (not only for transport) you can use:

  • Bank (visit with payment, passport and money);
  • Directly in the tax (there are often either special terminals or cash desks);
  • ATMs and payment terminals;
  • Portal "State services";
  • Site "Payment of public services";
  • Internet banking;
  • Electronic wallets.

It is enough to know the details of the tax, the amount of tax, as well as present your passport details. Most often, Internet banking is a success, as well as working with ATMs. We hope, now the conditions of the transport tax in Kazakhstan, will not cause you any questions.

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