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What is the difference between a cheetah from a leopard: a description and differences of predators

Many people do not know what makes a cheetah from a leopard, because at first glance, these two representatives of the family of cats are so much alike. They are beautiful, graceful, have almost the same color, gorgeous teeth, claws and similar predatory habits. But it turns out that these animals are of a different genus and are rarely near each other. Therefore, they have not only external differences, but also a difference in life patterns and their environment.

Description of cheetah

This predator is endowed with a muscular and slender body, in which there are practically no fat deposits. At first glance it may seem that this animal is rather fragile, with a small head, high-set eyes and small ears. The description of the cheetah indicates that the growth of this predator does not exceed 140 centimeters, it can weigh a maximum of 65 kilograms, but such small dimensions do not prevent it from being a fast-moving and dangerous hunter.

This representative of the cat family is fed by his feet. It is not without reason that he is the fastest mammal on earth. This predator develops speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour in just a couple of seconds and is even listed in the Guinness Book of Records. So if you ask yourself: "Who is faster - a cheetah or a leopard?" - then the answer will be unambiguous - the first one. Its habitat is Africa, India or Central Asia. The cheetah hunts mainly during the daytime, and chooses small-scale artiodactyl animals for its victims .

Description of the leopard

This predator is a representative of the cat family. He has a tight, athletic and dense physique. His name he received due to the fact that in ancient times it was believed that this animal is a hybrid of a lion and a panther.

The body of the leopard is quite slender, flexible and slightly flattened from the sides. He has not too long, but strong legs, a small head with a bulging forehead. This predator has different sizes depending on its habitat. The length of this animal, tailored sometimes can reach three meters, but males are always twice as large as females.

Leopard lives in West Africa and the Far East. This predator hunts mainly on deer, roe deer and antelope.


So all the same: how does a cheetah differ from a leopard, except for their external differences? The first of them is considered one of the most peaceful representatives of felines. There were few cases when he attacked a man, unlike a leopard, who is considered a freedom-loving and vindictive predator, completely unaffected by any training. Therefore, even in the circus you can find only cheetahs.

These predators also have a different approach to hunting. This is even understandable, based on the answer to the question: "Who is faster - a cheetah or a leopard?" The first of them, being the fastest predator in the world, is always trying to catch up with its victim. But since such a huge speed consumes a lot of energy, the cheetah can stop his pursuit if he can not quickly reach the animal that runs away from him.

The leopard never runs after his victim, but waits for her in an ambush, or sneaks up on his prey, then jumps on it and strangles it. Therefore, these representatives of the feline, in contrast to cheetahs, hunt in the dark, so that no one can notice them in some secluded place.

Comparison of predators

There are also many factors that can show the difference between a cheetah from a leopard. Proceeding from the description of the appearance of animals, one can come to the conclusion that the body of the first predator is more elegant and fragile in appearance, while in the second it is massive.

Another difference is their patterns on the wool, as well as their paws. Thus, the color of the leopard is spotty. The cheetah has a point coloring, and the claws are only partially drawn, unlike all the other members of the cat family, and these predators go out hunting in packs, which can not be said about leopards.

What's the difference between these big cats?

Despite the fact that these animals have a lot in common, yet they are very different from each other.

For example, a cheetah does not have the habit of dragging his prey on a tree, unlike a leopard. The first representative of the cat family has long legs, and the second is considered short-legged. Cheetah immediately can be recognized from the muzzle, as it is endowed with a peculiar black tear stripes that go down from the inner corners of the eyes to the very nose.

The leopard does not have this feature. The skin of the fastest of these predators has a pattern consisting of black random spots, and the second point on the fur is collected in a rosette with a dark background inside. And, of course, their main differences are the habitat range, methods of hunting and killing their victims, as well as their different sizes.

From all of the above, it becomes quite obvious that there is much more than a cheetah from a leopard.

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