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Stones lapis lazuli: heal the soul and heal the body

Lazurite stones are familiar to most Russians. Of them, inexpensive, but very beautiful jewelry: bracelets, rings with stones, necklaces. This mineral is very soft, it is easily processed. The precious stone lapis lazuli is very dense. It is always dark blue. Sometimes it is specially tinted. The most valuable is the stone with golden sparkles of pyrite.

The stones are lapis lazuli. Chemical composition

Lazurite is an aluminosilicate with a different amount of sulfur. The more sulfur, the brighter the color of the stone. Especially valuable are the dark blue, purple or saturated blue stones lapis lazuli. For inexpensive jewelry use green, gray or mixed shades of stones. Often lazurite contains impregnations of pyrite. Then it overflows with golden or silvery sparkles. In nature, the stones of lapis lazuli often occur in the form of plates. Crystals in the form of an octahedron are found less often, and they cost more. Lapis lazuli has an ordinary cubic structure in which the chlorine ions are located in the center and in the corners, and the sodium ions surround them. Specialists call lazurite not only stones, but also the rock, which consists of the fused grains of lapis lazuli, dolomite and several other rocks. They are mining stones in Russia, Chile, Afghanistan, the United States and other countries.

Properties and purpose

It was always believed that lapis lazuli is the stone of God's chosen people. Unusually beautiful, especially in sunlight, lapis lazuli is able to purify a person's aura, cleanse him of bad thoughts and bad looks. Lapis lazuli is a stone (photo) of nobility, sincerity, high intentions. If you want to express to your beloved your honest heart intentions, give her this stone: the girl will appreciate your nobility. Moreover, it is believed that lapis lazuli helps its owner to become merciful and sympathetic, promotes his spiritual growth, increases wisdom and helps to choose the right way of life. The stone attracts success and success, it helps to find true love. A person wearing an ornament from lapis lazuli will never commit an unjust act. Folk healers believe that it can speed up the healing of burns. He perfectly relieves pain with bruises and injuries, has powerful anti-inflammatory qualities. A stone that fits all the signs of the zodiac must be carried with them. This will help the owner avoid dangerous situations, save him from injuries. If lazurite in a gold frame is worn around the neck, then it will help to strengthen the consciousness and the physical body. He protects pregnant women against toxemia and facilitates childbirth. With the help of lapis lazuli, migraines can be cured (for this, the stone is placed on the bridge of the nose). The stone, worn around the neck like a necklace, relieves nervous excitement, lowers pressure, erases bitter memories. Some healers even claim that such a necklace can restore the mind to a mentally ill person. Some healers are sure that when you look at blue or blue lapis lazuli in the evenings, you can restore your eyesight. Crushed into powder and added to the drink, the stone saves from poisoning, displays poisons.

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